Got your wireless network up and running yet?

  Forum Editor 14:07 31 Jan 2006

Perhaps you have, and perhaps you haven't. Perhaps you don't intend to go near wireless networking with a ten-foot pole. Speaking of polls - have you voted in our current one?

Whatever your view on the subject, why not air it here? As usual, please tell me now if you do NOT want your real name to be quoted in a future magazine article on the subject.

  csqwared 18:17 31 Jan 2006

I have been considering this option for some time. I have two win98SE machines, one I intend to convert to XP but in view of this click here and other posts in the Networking forum I'm not too sure I'm up to the installation.


  Forum Editor 18:49 31 Jan 2006

Especially for you (and for the first time in history) I've just added an extra option to a running poll.

Does that help you?

  anskyber 19:05 31 Jan 2006

For my own sanity iy must be better

I have just moved house. My new home although modest in size has stereo hi-fi in two rooms and I have a stereo in the lounge that has full surround as an option. All 3 systems required an aerial for the tuners. After several days of trunking and clambering around in the loft to wire for the surround system it is finally done. So. The next task is to set up a wireless (praise be) connection for laptop and main PC. For me it must and I mean must be worth the benefits that wireless freedom will give. Now I must go and vote!

  Sapins 20:16 31 Jan 2006

If you have XP on all machines it should be easy, if you have 98SE on one it could turn out a mite more difficult. Although the wireless network wasn't too bad it's just trying to share a printer that defeated me.

  mco 22:59 31 Jan 2006

had it for nearly two years and have stopped reading in bed now - lie with laptop propped between waist and knees eading PCA forum! Er...

  mco 23:00 31 Jan 2006

that would be 'reading',obviously.

  mco 23:01 31 Jan 2006

took forever with son's PDA

  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 01 Feb 2006

For the home user with a couple of PCs in different rooms, wireless is the way to go. No need to hide wires under carpet or have them trailing along walls.

Security is the primary concern - and one that is frequently overlooked. I've been into numerous flats in my area where an unsecured wireless network is transmitting an open invitation to anyone in the vicinity to steal some bandwidth. Fortunately, it is simple to encrypt the signal, and indeed to hide it althogether.

Winxp SP2 makes it simple; having a mixture of other operating systems makes it a hit and miss affair it seems. But with a little perseverance, it will come toghether and there will be no looking back. Here I have 4 PCs / laptops with XP / Win2k and linux all running nicely toghether via d D-link router and a few USB adaptors. No need even to open up the pcs.

  Mike D 22:50 02 Feb 2006

Set my network up last January. Fairly straightforward. A couple of glitches since then, caused by a USB adapter, once again quite simple to sort.


  Legolas 23:06 02 Feb 2006

I had always steered clear because I thought it would be difficult. After buying a laptop I knew I would have to take the plunge. I bought a wireless router and it took no time at all to have the network up and running, it took a bit longer to put security encryption on the network but once I dicovered how to do it it also took a few minutes, so far I have had little problem with it and I really enjoy the freedom of the wireless network coupled with my laptop, go for it.

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