Got your Olympics tickets?

  Forum Editor 19:08 01 Jun 2011

My son rang me to say money has been charged to his card account today, so he knows he has something. I've just been trying to look at my credit card account on-line, but the servers are running hot, and I can't get in. Obviously there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to do the same thing.

  n47. 19:21 01 Jun 2011

Got your Olympics tickets?


  TonyV 19:43 01 Jun 2011

It was interesting on the BBC news this evening, where a man had requested £30k worth of tickets and had been allocated £11k worth. It seems to me that the more you requested the better chance you have of getting something. I'm not sure on that basis it has been a fair way of doing it. It also stated that you can buy what you want from Germany!! We have yet to hear whether our son has been successful, but since we haven't heard we assume he has been "unlucky".


  Bingalau 20:56 01 Jun 2011

I thought all the people in the London area would have been volunteering to help and get in for nothing.

I never applied at all so am not disappointed in the least. I will get a better view on telly of the things I want to see.

It looks to me to be a big rip off but I suppose that's up to the individual, if you want to see something desperately then you are going to pay. I don't remember there being all this palaver in 1948 or was it 1946?

  octal 21:02 01 Jun 2011


I live about 40 minutes walk from the Olympic site but I won't be volunteering, I'll probably be struggling into work on our creaky transport system. It will be interesting to see how it all copes, I'm not looking forward to it.

  spuds 23:27 01 Jun 2011

No point in buying tickets in a lottery, when without all the fuss, any events on the television will do nicely. Assuming any members in our household bothers to turn the television on.

  Forum Editor 23:51 01 Jun 2011

"I will get a better view on telly of the things I want to see."

Of course you will, but that's not really the point as far as I'm concerned, and 1.8 million people applied for tickets, so they obviously feel the same as I do - I want to have the experience of actually being there.

My credit card account has been charged today, so I have got tickets, but I'll have to wait to see which ones.

  Quickbeam 08:23 02 Jun 2011

Not sure yet, after much deliberation I decided that if I'm going, and with the travel and hotel costs for that period at a premium, I only want to see a premium blue riband final event, not a third rate beach volley ball warm up event.

So I'll wait to see if I get a track and field final day ticket.

  Bingalau 09:47 02 Jun 2011

It seems that tickets are also available by booking for a few days with Thomas Cook. Something wrong there!

FE In reality I would have loved to have been able to just up and buy a ticket for a certain event but realised right from the start that it would either cost me an arm and a leg, or I would have to be in the know.

If tickets are available in Germany they must also be available in other countries such as France and Spain etc... It may be worth taking a holiday and picking up a few whilst there.

  Kevscar1 15:58 02 Jun 2011

FE 1.8 Mill out of a pop of 60+ mill. Guess the majority really couldn't care less.

  simonjary 19:14 02 Jun 2011

Just checked, and £182 out of my account so I must have got a few tickets. Probably the weightlifting, which neither my wife nor my daughter will thank me for.

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