Got a new job at last

  interzone55 18:02 03 Dec 2012

After 18 months of trying, I have a new job.

I've not been out of work thankfully (I've never been out of work, I'm one of the lucky ones), but since moving in with my girlfriend last March I've been driving a 130 mile round trip 3 days a week.

Well as of next February that will be no more, and my daily round trip will be 100 miles shorter.

  Flak999 18:07 03 Dec 2012


  Aitchbee 18:27 03 Dec 2012

You've still got a long way to go (driving/commuting), but perhaps you will be able to use public transport to get to and from your new job? Good Luck.

  interzone55 19:53 03 Dec 2012


My car does 60mpg on the motorway, probably more like 70mpg on the 50mph road I'll be using. So it'll cost me less in fuel, and be much, much quicker than using the bus. Especially as I live about 1.5 miles from the nearest bus stop.

My new job is on the way to my partner's job, so we'll be able to car share 3 days a week, saving even more money

  csqwared 20:05 03 Dec 2012


Well done!! I'd hate to think I was starting out on a work career these days. In my early days it was really easy to say "Don't like this job", pack it in and move on. Even left one job for another, didn't like the new one so went back to my old one!!

Hope it all works out for you and you have a long and happy career.

  morddwyd 20:22 03 Dec 2012

"You've still got a long way to go (driving/commuting),"

"perhaps you will be able to use public transport"

Thirty miles a day, fifteen each way?

There speaks someone who lives in a major conurbation!

My nearest railway station is further away than that, and to get even that far on a bus involves at least one change!

Congrats on the new job, more time, less stress.

  interzone55 20:49 03 Dec 2012

Thanks everyone

  flycatcher1 10:21 04 Dec 2012

It is really nice to get some good news on the Forum.

Just in time for, well, you know what.................!

  Forum Editor 10:27 04 Dec 2012


You can say the word if you want to - Christmas mentions are legal after 25th November.

  Forum Editor 10:28 04 Dec 2012

Congratulations alan14.

  Bing.alau 11:55 04 Dec 2012

alan14. Yes congratulations also. And may you and your lady friend have many more Happy Christmasses to come.

Sounds like good mileage from that car of yours. What make and model is it? I've got a little VW up! and that is doing about sixty to the gallon at the moment on all sorts of different routes. I imagine if I could get on a motorway at night and stick at fifty mph, I could up the average to maybe seventy.

Anyway Good Luck in the new job...

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