Got it Tuesday 9th 4.30PM

  Kevscar1 11:40 04 Jul 2013

There will be a debate in Westminster Hall on RSD/CRPS. If you know any sufferers please tell them and ask if they can travel to join us there. A press release will be going out tomorrow and we hope to havea number of journalists present to interview sufferers and show how bad this is

  Quickbeam 11:49 04 Jul 2013

Your persistence is paying off Kevscar1.

  Aitchbee 11:58 04 Jul 2013

Will it [ the debate on RSD/CRPS ] be screened on the BBC Parliament channel on freeview, by any chance?

  Chronos the 2nd 12:12 04 Jul 2013

Stick with it Kevscar1.

  lotvic 12:39 04 Jul 2013

It's on the Calendar Parliamentary business for Tuesday 9 July 2013

4.30pm - 5pm Regional sympathetic dystrophy / complex regional pain syndrome - Iain Stewart

  Kevscar1 12:43 04 Jul 2013

I don't know about TV yet Press release will go out tomorrow morning.

  Pine Man 16:31 04 Jul 2013

Kevscar 1

' join us there'

I wish you well but you should be careful what you post on forums.

24/6 How low will they go. 'June has to drive me because I can barely walk 20yds now wait and bring me back. The bump on the kerb, speed bumps holes and bumps in the road leave me in agony for anything from 4 - 8hrs afterwards. Now if the ATOS office was the same distance away you might have a point but it isn't.'

MK to Westminster Hall 50/60 miles?

  Kevscar1 18:05 04 Jul 2013

I know and I know it will cause me to sufferer highly heightened pain levels and could cause it to spread futher or start somewhee new but it's worth the risk.lees then 20,000 of the possible 480,000 sufferers in this country have been diagnosed. Something has to be done so I and some of my fellow sufferers are going to go to show them MP's just how bad this is. Anyway I am exempt from any medicals and sick notes until May 2015, by that time I could be dead

  spuds 18:18 04 Jul 2013


I hope that I am not judging this in the wrong light, but I hope the politicians who are interested in this, are not the same politicians who consider Friday's the day for returning back to their constituencies before noon?.

  lotvic 18:48 04 Jul 2013

spuds, the debate is on Tuesday not a Friday so let's hope they all are back from their weekend.

  spuds 19:25 04 Jul 2013

Whoops, thanks lotvic. I was checking your link for Select Committees information, and must have taken the day from that. I also hope that things turn out fine for Kevscar1, and that he and the others have enough politicians interested.

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