Got a broadcasting licence?

  silverous 08:09 11 Aug 2006

Thought not... Mildly amused by pc world's ad in the press today for the belkin tunecast 2. "Ipod in your car" is the headline, the smallprint then states "this product is a short range fm transmitter and may not be used in the uk without a broadcasting licence. Broadcasting licences are not normally available to consumers".

That'd be why pc world, clearly mostly a consumer store, is advertising them in the general press ;-)

  oresome 08:42 11 Aug 2006

As a responsible retailer, they shouldn't be encouraging people to break the law should they.

  anskyber 08:49 11 Aug 2006

I think I am right in saying there are proposals to alter the law to permit such things. Car manufacturers are now adding iPod sockets for those that need them. I am not one.

  silverous 09:15 11 Aug 2006

It did also highlight that too (that the law is under review)...and also gave a list of a slightly bizarre mix of countries (including US) where you can use them. Given the widespread use of iTrips and the fact that that doesn't seem to have caused much harm (to my limited knowledge) I can't see any harm but it does seem a bit of an odd thing for such a prominent retailer to do. Bet they had their legal people crawl all over it first :)

  Sethhaniel 09:57 11 Aug 2006

car bumper stickers telling what frequency you're on so other cars can tune into your music ;)

  Al94 10:15 11 Aug 2006

I have one and the range is amazing!

  silverous 10:26 11 Aug 2006

What frequency Al94 - I'll see if I can tune in ;)

  Sethhaniel 10:37 11 Aug 2006

FM107.1 so we'll have a convoy going up the A1 freakin' out to 'The Psychedelic Breakfast' ;)

  oresome 12:19 11 Aug 2006

On the other hand I might be listening to Choice FM on 107.1 when your convoy passes and suffer interference.

  Sethhaniel 12:24 11 Aug 2006

Sure my choice of music ....
far exceeds the limits of local radio ;)

your culture may be in for a shock ;)

  Sethhaniel 12:33 11 Aug 2006

(according to the packet)
in clear open space - these small transmitters have a range of 30 feet - their optimum range is only 10 feet - so if your car is that close to mine you deserve to get your radio frequency upset ;)
That is probably the majority of these devices -

OK there are going to be more powerful transmitters coming in covering a range more frequencies - but mine being small and compact only covers 4 channels-

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