Got any potholes on your roads?

  Starfox 14:03 13 Mar 2010

Bet they aren't as bad as this,

click here

Council blames the bad winter, thing is, they were just as bad before, and have been for years.

  Kevscar1 14:28 13 Mar 2010

My god are you insinuating the council would tell porkies. Surely not.

  Brumas 14:56 13 Mar 2010

When I first saw the picture, I thought it was showing the single carriageway A1 north of Alnwick!!!!

  oldbeefer3 14:57 13 Mar 2010

If they've been repaired like many of those near me, the 'repair' is a shovelful of tarmac and a firm treading - comes out in days. Do feel a bit sorry for the councils, though, as the task is enormous (would have been less if the roads had been in a good state before the severe frosts, however!).

  michaelw 14:58 13 Mar 2010

That's a typical road in Kenya.

  Colin 14:59 13 Mar 2010

Where I live there are definitely more pot holes than ever, which is due to the winter weather. What do people expect of council’s? A quote from the article: “Potholes in need of urgent attention are being repaired within 24 hours of being identified or reported, regardless of their location, Kirklees Council said yesterday.” What more can they do? To me, there seems to be a dislike of local authorities so that it wouldn’t matter what they did, it wouldn’t be good enough.

  OTT_B 15:12 13 Mar 2010

Might help to slow traffic down a little. Or cause damage and accidents.

  ordep 15:45 13 Mar 2010

We've got some whoppers here (New Forest) that have appeared after the bad weather. Apparently Hampshire is the second worst of county after Surrey.

  carver 16:42 13 Mar 2010

We have some in Sheffield so big the council has put temporary bridging over them.

Might help to slow traffic down a little. Or cause damage and accidents

Our council have to fill the potholes in before they can put speed bumps on the road, otherwise traffic isn't going fast enough to justify them.

  DANZIG 16:45 13 Mar 2010

I live just round the corner from the place mentioned in the article and can confirm that the roads are that bad. In fact the main Wakefield road is pretty bad as well as there is huge hole in quite a busy part of it.

  carver 16:48 13 Mar 2010

We even had the BBC mention Sheffield and it hasn't got any better click here

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