Gordon looking for the sympathy vote?

  Awshum 14:00 07 Feb 2010

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Alastair Campbell said it would be good for Gordo to...


"open up.....to see Mr Brown being "utterly authentic" and the show would appeal to voters who do not normally watch political programme."


I have sympathy for anyone losing a child but to use it for votes... that's low.

  sunnystaines 14:02 07 Feb 2010

how low will he stoop

  ulrich 16:15 07 Feb 2010

Watching or voting for him.

  morddwyd 18:52 07 Feb 2010

I'm as cynical as anyone, see my post on the Alistair Campbell thread, but these are really vicious and ugly comments being made.

  egapup 19:05 07 Feb 2010

He's not allowed to cry over a dead child???

  bremner 19:17 07 Feb 2010

Gordon Brown crying for his dead child is perfectly natural and understandable.

What is less understandable and leaves hin open to question and potential critisism, is his motive for allowing himself to be in the position where he does so in such a public forum.

To make a proper judgement I would want to know if he was aware he was to be asked such questions.

  Pine Man 19:18 07 Feb 2010

'He's not allowed to cry over a dead child???'

Of course he is BUT one can't help being suspicious about the actions of politicians on occasion.

  Flak999 21:05 07 Feb 2010

to the general election, politicians will say and do anything that they think will have an influence on the electorate to vote for them. No real surprise there really! In the Andrew Marr interview with Alistair Campbell it was apparent to me that Campbell was "working the public" with his lip quivering act.

I presume as he is now back advising the current prime minister on media affairs, he advised him to show his "softer side" with the deeply cynical "tears on camera" pantomime. Be prepared for even more cynical vote grabbing in the weeks ahead!

  Awshum 22:21 07 Feb 2010

I'm sorry but this is plain vote grabbing. Eight years on and just before an election he's expected to lose. And all because Campbell says he needs to show his softer side to appeal to voters who normally wouldn't watch political programmes.

He's appealing to folk who normally watch BB and other LCD television because anyone with the slightest interest in current affairs knows how much of a failure he is as PM and that NuLabour are soon to move to the other side of the house.

His next move will be to run the election from a TV phone in vote.

  michaelw 09:49 08 Feb 2010

The slimy Piers Morgan is a friend of the Browns so I'm very sceptical too.

Also bearing in mind all the stories of Brown's bully-boy tactics, extremely eccentric behaviour and the fact he had to be taught how to smile leads me to believe this was a bit of a charade.

  Chegs ®™ 10:19 08 Feb 2010

GB keeps mentioning things about himself,his rugby injury to his eye,the outburst over his medication and now his emotions about his child's death.Each outpouring makes me ever more determined to vote Labour out,as I do not wish to find out just how low this man will go to try and gain votes.

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