Gordon has a Senior moment

  Grey Goo 14:30 28 Apr 2010
  Uboat 14:41 28 Apr 2010

Better still watch these in order! this one first:

click here

click here

NOTICE this one he puts his head in his hands!

click here

  JYPX 15:17 28 Apr 2010

The woman is complaining about "eastern europeans" coming to the uk. "Where are they flocking from?"
she asks. What would be an appropriate word to describe this woman? GB found the comments disturbing - good.

  Shortstop 15:22 28 Apr 2010

Firstly apologise 'if I had said that' then hear the tape proving it had been said, then blaming the reporters [invited, presumably, by his team] for not allowing him to answer the lady's question, then blaming the TV crew for getting him to wear the microphone in the first place. For one, I think it shows what politicians really think of us lowly voters!

Seems to be a 'blame everyone else and it may stick' idea .........


  Joseph Kerr 15:24 28 Apr 2010

Newsflash - Grey Goo isnt a Labour supporter.

Would you rather he had said "shut up you silly biggoted expletive deleted"? Would that have made him less two faced, and your language a bit less explicit?

  Joseph Kerr 15:31 28 Apr 2010

"If he's not willing to defend it what does that say?"

And if voters cannot be bothered to avail themselves of the figures (a million in, a million out, folks), what does that say?

Having said that, parties could do more to get the info out there, as opposed to getting caught up in soundbites and non-answers.

  sunnystaines 15:32 28 Apr 2010

he showed his true colours today, must have truly hurt the feelings of the old lady who supported his party for so long.

what was said after the car got out of wifi range?

  johndrew 15:43 28 Apr 2010

Given the consistently negative rumours/reports on the mood swings/bullying attributed to GB should we be surprised that eventually he shows himself for what he really is.

I note on the radio that after being played the recording of his words he even said, ".. if I did say that ..".

He really has difficulty in taking responsibility for his actions and must be very unsuitable to be PM. Perhaps Blair got that bit right!!

  jakimo 16:03 28 Apr 2010

Once again Brown shows that he can only answer questions that are preselected.

its not surprising his advisers have kept him away from random questioners, I wonder how many votes todays blunder will cost him

  sunnystaines 16:07 28 Apr 2010

his apology just now on sky news was totally false he was grinning all the time as if he though it was all just a big joke did not seem to care one iota.

labour should kick him into touch, he is doing his party no good at all, just shows what he thinks of the loyal public at large who voted labour into power.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:27 28 Apr 2010

"People should also know that they can talk to me about immigration and asylum fears without being labelled a racist. About their concerns regarding Europe without being called a little Englander. The war in Afghanistan. Trident. The banks. Fuel costs. Crime and punishment. "

I made this statement long before GB left his footprints all over his mouth.

I'm not allowed to directly post the link, but if anyone is interested enough to ask, I will provide it privately.


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