Gordon Brown To Leave Office!

  Uboat 17:14 10 May 2010

Wow im sure some of you will have plenty to say!

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  ronalddonald 17:15 10 May 2010

u beat me to it!

  ronalddonald 17:18 10 May 2010

well im glad as he's sold this country down the drain pipe.

The banks dont offer nothing to savers, fuel prices have gone up and up, utility bills have gone up and up, rail fares have increased, the banks have just taken the mickey out of the tax payer.

  bremner 17:22 10 May 2010

This may well have something to do with the LD's saying that they will not deal with Labour whilst Brown was their leader.

Brown is without doubt an honourable man who meant well. However he was a throw back to a earlier era.
He could not communicate with the public and hated the media.

Those who forced TB's resignation to implement the Granita Pact should also go as they clearly lacked the judgement required.

  Uboat 17:23 10 May 2010

lol sure did! thing is Libs want to make a agreement NOW! so if he's leaving in Sept it will simply be too late for the labour party to make any agreements with libs..so it's looking like Tories & libs merge in a kind of way..

Ron I also fully agree with you he's sold this country down the drain!

  Al94 17:31 10 May 2010

Good news!

  Bingalau 17:41 10 May 2010

ronalddonald. The more things change the more they stay as they are. An old but very true saying. I have said before that in the sixty or more years that I have been voting banks have never offered a lot to savers; rail fares have always increased; utility bills have always gone up in spite of cheaper materials (North Sea Gas))etcetera. etcetera. as the King of Siam said in the film). But you can't blame Gordon Brown for the world's financial situation, nor this country's situation for that matter. I can't recall prices going down on any particular item (some things are cheaper relatively though, such as TV's and computer linked items). People are a lot better off than they (we) were sixty years ago. My main point is it doesn't matter a damn who is in government, they are all as good or as bad as each other. I would just love to be around in sixty years time to see how things have progressed. I often say my parents would have been gobsmacked at the amount of progress that has been made if only they could come back and see the difference. But I like to think we have progressed in spite of the governments of the past and will continue to progress in spite of future governments too. I think they hold progress up. By now we should have mono-rails running the length and breadth of the country above the motorways perhaps. What a difference that would make to the transport system. Maybe if WTM gets in the next parliament he can get something like that going???

  Quickbeam 17:48 10 May 2010

I never doubted that by teatime I would hear it.

  bremner 17:49 10 May 2010

Adam Boulton loses it with Alistair Campbell live on Sky News over Browns decision.

  peter99co 18:12 10 May 2010

Don't tell me we are going to get another LIB-LAB Pact.

  birdface 18:13 10 May 2010

Well I hate to see it but I will be sorry to see him go.
He does not have the Charisma of David Cameron but he has Authority of someone who is in charge.
I cannot see anyone else in the Labour Party good enough to take over.
Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, that is mine.
He has thrown down the gauntlet at precicely the correct time so David Cameron will have either to offer the Lib Dems exactly what they are looking for or they will not be running the next Government.
Brilliant bit of timing I think.

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