Googling at sea

  spikeychris 18:33 10 Jul 2004

Just got back from covering/facilitating an event in Blackpool, it was sport relief. We where based at the RNLI and the tech these people have now is amazing, Broadband Mobile Satellite
Modem Mobile data transfer at up to 3 times the speed of GPRS. The charity has equipped its 228 lifeboat stations and 6,000 crew with pagers that operate over a dedicated, integrated network.

Just one of the "good" things that the net has done, the RNLI launched 7,729 lifeboats last year and saved 775 lives.

Met a few people today that played the "computers have ruined the world" card, this just goes proves thats not the case.

BTW Don't forget to give a bit tonight.

  Old Shep 18:43 10 Jul 2004

Hope you ran a mile for Sport Relief as well (probably why you are out of breath) Seriously I would not begrudge them anything that save's lives at sea as they are all volunteer's and deserve all our support. Anything that makes their job easier (if there is such a thing) cannot be bad.

  james55 22:54 11 Jul 2004


As an old seaman I totally agree with you they do a great job that I personally think should be government run (I wish).

But I get your point, without computer technology there would be no progress.


  georgemac 07:53 12 Jul 2004

I agree totally with you about the wonderful job the volunteers in the RNLI do, not only the people who man the boats but all the people (mainly women in my area) who do all the fund raising.

I live in a coastal town, where we have lost three lifeboats and crews in the last century, one during my lifetime, and I'll never forget that day although I was only 9 years old. Thankfully now they have ultramodern craft and equipment, but when you see the weather that they put to sea in, you realise how courageous and unselfish these people are.

I was very moved by a lot of the sport relief footage. It was obvious that the £14.5 million raised last time is doing a lot of good. It dawned on me that we have just spent at least £9 billion on a war, which I supported, because I believed about WMD. How much good could we have done with that money in the 3rd world? In future my opinions have probably changed somewhat in how we should spend our nations wealth.

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