Google's Street View All mapped out

  peter99co 11:35 12 Mar 2010

Google is extending its Street View service to peer at 95 per cent of homes in the UK, despite criticism that it amounts to an invasion of privacy.

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  peter99co 11:36 12 Mar 2010

It could give the burglars more of a chance to see where things are.

  folsom 12:41 12 Mar 2010

absolute rubbish, if burglars want to burgle your property they don't have to rely on Google to do it, they can drive past and see exactly the same thing from their vehicle, are you seriously suggesting that they can see where your valuables are kept using Google. I despair sometimes.

  peter99co 12:57 12 Mar 2010

I have never seen a burglar standing on the top of a car! If I ever do I will let you know.

  babybell 13:06 12 Mar 2010

Here we go, the old burglars can now see my house rubbish. I am so baffled by people that think theives are going to sit all day in front of a PC (probably a knicked one) and stalk the front of their houses!

Lets face it, I could walk down your street and get more information than I could from Google earth.

I could even knock on your door posing as a window cleaner or an odd job man and ask if you want any work done, whilst all the time looking over your shoulder at what's in your house.

I've just looked at my mum and dads house and they have a lane next to their house for the perfect getaway, something a burglar would never had noticed standing outside their house, oh wait, yes they would! Geez

  Seth Haniel 13:19 12 Mar 2010

one of my relations - house there ok - but they have the street name totally wrong

  Kevscar1 13:26 12 Mar 2010

Seth Haniel
No they moved without telling you but now you have found them again.

  peter99co 13:30 12 Mar 2010

If you came down my street I would see you.
Strangers lurking about always make the curtains twitch.

A google of your property would be a handy tool to carry out a final reece.

I have no evidence to prove it is used that way but you have none to prove it is not done either

  babybell 14:15 12 Mar 2010

I would estimate that at least 90 people walk down my road a day, am I seriously going to remember what they all look like? No I'm not. Would I notice someone who was scouting out my house as he/she drove past? No, I would not.

Tell me what information that I can get my looking at your house from google, concerns you so?

  peter99co 14:38 12 Mar 2010

I am not concerned and I did not say MY house was at risk. Many may disagree it is a tool but I have had a friend remove his house from the view because he was visible from three sides of his house and he felf very exposed.

  babybell 14:48 12 Mar 2010

When I walk down the street I could presumably still see all 3 sides of his house?

And wouldn't removing your house from Google make it stand out even more, in a sort of "what have they got to hide" kind of way?

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