A Googled Linux !!!

  LastChip 14:44 03 Aug 2005

There have been several snippets in the computer world news recently that suggest Google may be looking at producing it's own operating system. One correspondent touched on the possibility of using Linux at the core of this (speculative) system.

This got me thinking; a rare occurrence, so make the most of it ;-)

It has been discussed as to why Linux has failed to make significant inroads on to the desktop in the USA and great parts of Europe. To me, it is quite clear. It's all about marketing (or lack of it in Linux's case) and the stranglehold Microsoft has on Pre-loaded OEM systems.

Now imagine a Linux that combines the easy interface that Xandros (my favourite), Linspire or Mandriva produces, with Google's marketing clout. Imagine every time you searched Google or switched on the television, you had an advertisement in front of you, encouraging it's use. Imagine an integrated system, that compared really well to Microsoft's offerings and cost little or nothing to buy. Imagine Google turning the screws with a marketing campaign that had consumers demanding the "Google" operating system. (remember "Intel Inside" - how successful was that?)

Far fetched? Wishful thinking? Or closer to the future than we all know? I wonder......

  octal 15:19 03 Aug 2005

Could be interesting if your right, sounds like clash of the Titans between M$ and Google to me. I'm not sure if that's good or bad for Linux to be bought into that fight though, but there's absolutely no reason why Google shouldn't go down the O/S route, they seemed to have done just about everything else, plus they seemed to be a bit more dynamic thinking than M$ is.

  Pooke 22:01 03 Aug 2005

Reading your post made me wanna install this Google Linux.

  interzone55 22:07 03 Aug 2005

Google recently poached a few staff from M$, who immediately instigated legal action to prevent the staff from starting work at google (sounds nasty, but perfectly understandable in IT, where contracts generally state that you cannot move to a competitor).

Google's huge server farm is one of the world's largest Linux clusters, consiting of ~50,000 PIII servers running a customised, stripped down version of Linux.

So it's quite possible that Google may launch their own distro, but I think it's more likely that they're working on a browser.

  LastChip 22:55 03 Aug 2005

There is a temporary injunction at the moment preventing him from working and all sorts of speculation of the "real" reason that MS acted in that manner. Of course, it could be as simple as they are frightened of what he may say (even inadvertently) once talking to Google.

Whether ANY company should be able to prevent a person from working is a whole can of worms, and no doubt many differing views on the rights and wrongs of this subject would be forthcoming.

However, the press speculation (and it is just that) over a possible operating system remains intriguing. Google certainly doesn't want for any Linux expertise. As you pointed out, they have (I think) the worlds largest server farm of Linux machines in existence and although that is a somewhat different discipline to operating systems, I'm sure they wouldn't have any problem putting a distro together if they so wished.

There is also the "spite" factor. Accepting their motto "Do no evil" or something similar, if MS pushed them too far, I wonder if they would retaliate?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:23 03 Aug 2005


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  LastChip 00:05 04 Aug 2005


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