Google Maps Street View Northern Ireland

  Al94 23:40 17 Mar 2010

Just a heads up for any fellow N I members or anyone else interested, just noticed tonight that pretty much all of NI has been uploaded to street view within the last day or so, previously was only greater Belfast and a small part of South Antrim.

  [DELETED] 00:11 18 Mar 2010

News article - click here

PCA thread - click here

  morddwyd 07:42 18 Mar 2010

Last summer my wife and I were sitting in the porch having a pre-prandial sherry when she said "What's that contraption?" and I looked up straight into a Googlecam.

In the latest update I am preserved for all eternity just as I would like to be remembered - sitting with a drink and a pretty girl!

At least the hedge had been cut!

  [DELETED] 14:59 18 Mar 2010

Thanks for this, its about time. I can see my house from here :).

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