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  Al94 21:27 12 Dec 2012

I was in our local Apple store yesterday looking at Ipads and noticed their new mapping application which has received some criticism. However on the plus side I was very impressed with the coverage and quality of their satellite imagery which in my area was very recent (within 2 years) and covered a much larger area in greater detail.

Comparing this tonight with Google Earth and Google maps the local imagery dates back to 2001 and many areas have no detailed coverage at all.

Strikes me that Google are being left behind somewhat.

  Forum Editor 22:29 12 Dec 2012

"Strikes me that Google are being left behind somewhat."

Google maps on my iPad is far better than the new Apple offering. I was in Provence in June/July of this year, and used my iPad to navigate from the airport to the remote farmhouse where I had to meet some people. I was amazed to find that not only did Google maps deliver me right to the front gate, but that it had a street view image of the farmhouse.

The new Apple application can't touch Google maps for detail and accuracy- at least not yet.

  Al94 23:03 12 Dec 2012

It was the satellite imagery. I was referring to. 11 years ahead in my area.

  morddwyd 08:03 13 Dec 2012

Google maps native app just been announced for iSrore

  Aitchbee 15:16 14 Dec 2012

I was on the bus yesterday, the young woman sitted /seated in front had a green jacket on ...with a lined tartan-street-plan-look-pattern ... reminded me of a google maps screen ... you heard it here first.

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