Google I/O is happening this week. Which of the following new products from Google excites or interests you the most?

  Joseph Kerr 11:41 25 Jun 2014

The tablets for me. But then, after weeks and weeks of the rumour mill saying "it's an upgrade on the Nexus 7, but with an 8 inch screen", it now looks as though we may be getting a bigger tablet - a sort of replacement for the Nexus 10, at the I/O, then a smaller one later on, as I think happened in a previous year. All the prices I'm hearing bandied about are a bit rich for me, so I may be sticking with my second generations Nexus 7.

I would prefer the first generation Nexus, as it has a wider screen in portrait, but it makes little sense to go backwards now, even if I could find one at a nice price. I was hoping an 8 inch nexus would offer a wider screen rather than just be taller.

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