Google I/O is happening this week. Which of the following new products from Google excites or interests you the most?

  PC Advisor 11:01 25 Jun 2014

Google's 2014 I/O conference starts today.

Among the possible product launches there are rumours of a new Android Lollipop OS, a Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 8, 9 and 10 tablets, Android TV, new Android Wear devices, Google Fit and Android Home.

(Read all about what you can expect from Google I/O here, or see how to watch the keynote and follow our live blog here.)

We want to know which of these possible announcements excites or interests you the most. Place your vote in our poll.

  Joseph Kerr 11:41 25 Jun 2014

The tablets for me. But then, after weeks and weeks of the rumour mill saying "it's an upgrade on the Nexus 7, but with an 8 inch screen", it now looks as though we may be getting a bigger tablet - a sort of replacement for the Nexus 10, at the I/O, then a smaller one later on, as I think happened in a previous year. All the prices I'm hearing bandied about are a bit rich for me, so I may be sticking with my second generations Nexus 7.

I would prefer the first generation Nexus, as it has a wider screen in portrait, but it makes little sense to go backwards now, even if I could find one at a nice price. I was hoping an 8 inch nexus would offer a wider screen rather than just be taller.

  Matt Egan 11:57 25 Jun 2014

You can watch the I/O keynote here, by the way: click here

  Joseph Kerr 12:13 25 Jun 2014

Thanks Matt. So, that's around 5pm UK time? Will the blog be on that same page? I'm more likely to read a blog than to watch the whole stream, but then, I've nothing much on today...

  Joseph Kerr 19:21 25 Jun 2014

Oh Lord, no! They've just gone from a "guick" discussion of coding to a discussion about data pipelines!!! Make it stop! I only have one question:

"Do you have a new small tablet to offer and, if so, at what cost?!"

OK, two questions.

I think I'm going to give up now.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:10 25 Jun 2014

maybe I'm a bit of a Luddite when it comes to mobile devices but, I have no need of a smartphone and, due to less than perfect eyesight, no desire to do on a small high resolution screen, anything that I could do, with less eyestrain, on my PC with 27" monitor.

I can't take the PC outside but, don't really consider that a major disadvantage. Furthermore, the price of a good tablet could buy me a better graphics card for gaming.

  Quickbeam 08:44 26 Jun 2014

Most of them interest me, mainly on account of the simplicity of Android in general.

Over the last couple of years of gradually finding I do more than I ever expected on a small Android device, I might even switch to an Android laptop next time on account that Windows has become so bloated that I wonder why I bother with it now at times.

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