Google and help forums

  anskyber 12:03 08 Feb 2009

With my tongue firmly in my cheek can I raise the old chestnut of saying many folk could answer their own questions by using Google or similar.

If you have friends who take a joke try Let me Google that for you (courtesy of Click) an example click here

  rdave13 12:05 08 Feb 2009

Now that's a good one!

  canarieslover 13:40 08 Feb 2009

Personally I use Google as my home page as I have so many things I want to know or have help with. I only bother other people if I can't find an answer on my own.

  IClaudio 14:16 08 Feb 2009

That's a little harsh...

Yes, many questions asked here can be answered by Google in 0.23 seconds... but...

The people here are (mostly) very pleasant and so willing to give much more than the bare answer, aren't they? These forums are always my first port of call when I have a problem with hardware or software. And I can usually find an answer...

What winds me up are the 'weather' threads, and the 'Lewis Wins!!!!" threads and the 'Music Industry/Games Industry is ripping us off (because I'm too mean to pay for anything and want everything FREE)' threads.

  anskyber 14:24 08 Feb 2009

Remember, I did say with tongue firmly in cheek!

I think many of us use Google to help here. the "trick" really is to sift through the results and find something which will genuinely help the questioner.

  IClaudio 14:59 08 Feb 2009

You did indeed <blush>: as usual, my typing fingers were quicker than (what's left of) my brain :)

  anskyber 15:10 08 Feb 2009

I have had no problems, and I assume neither have others here. The site has come via the BBC "Click" programme so I assumed it was safe.

AVG also reports it as a safe site.

  canarieslover 17:22 08 Feb 2009

You didn't think to Google it then?? lol

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