Google fined £2.1b for distorting search results.

  LastChip 14:17 27 Jun 2017

Goggle faces a massive fine after the EU was dissatisfied with the way it showed shopping results, claiming it favoured it's own comparison service above others. This is the result of a seven year probe into the way Google displays search results.

Is it a fair fine and abuse, or is it simply Google using it's commanding search position as a fair business advantage?

For me, monopolies are never a good thing and perhaps the EU has got this one right.

  morddwyd 20:17 27 Jun 2017

One of the downsides of Brexit - we will lose that sort of protection, and national courts simply will not carry the same clout.

  Forum Editor 22:25 27 Jun 2017

"....perhaps the EU has got this one right."

It certainly has.

  Govan1x 22:36 27 Jun 2017

Who gets the £2.1b not the customers who were duped I suppose.

  Quickbeam 06:24 28 Jun 2017

Well they must be able to afford it, fines are based on affordable deterrents.

  morddwyd 20:08 28 Jun 2017

* I think that's just speculation in my view. If the UK government sees sense, they'll give courts the power to dish out huge fines like the EU has done.*

The UK Government can give the courts whatever powers it chooses, but enforcement, against a major multinational by a small group of unimportant islands off the north west coast of Europe, is entirely different!

The EU can bring massive sanctions to bear against Google, the UK hardly any, and any sanctions they do enforce are going to affect the UK much more than Google

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