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Google Earth - a treasure!

  Diemmess 17:48 03 May 2008

A friend said "I would say to anyone still thinking about buying a computer, that it is worth it just for the endless interest from Google Earth."

I agree with that thought.

Having only just downloaded the latest version, I still have to explore the changes.
My own patch on the lesser known part of Gloucestershire on the north bank of the Severn doesn't seem to have changed since a definable date of early autumn 2005.

How often does Google update this massive archive?

Obviously not all at once, any more than there is sunshine over the whole planet at once.
My patch was upgraded to better definition a year or two back but the image as I said is datable as 2005 before autumn colours came in.

  Forum Editor 18:00 03 May 2008

tend to happen in big batches, and are often spread over several countries. The last UK update of which I'm aware was in February of this year and covered Kent and Norfolk.

  Diemmess 18:05 03 May 2008

Thanks spikeychris and FE.
This was intended to praise the facility, but I confess I'm lazy and thought there would be answers if I slipped a question in!

  Stuartli 18:27 03 May 2008

Cities and towns in the major countries are the first to be updated, especially in the States (it is an American company after all).

The original basic Google Earth was created, after all the maps were collated, in around a fortnight and was called Earth Viewer....:-)

Google bought the software company that created the concept four or five years ago.

  Forum Editor 22:29 03 May 2008


  Kev.Ifty 00:21 04 May 2008

I remember reading the Google Earth was used to try to find Steve Fossett when he when missing. Apparently Google updated their pictures of Nevada to allow this.

In the BBC story click here six previously unknown wrecks were found. Although it doesn't say the finders used Google Earth.

Like Buses you wait all day..... click here

  Blackhat 00:58 04 May 2008

Wow, images of my area of Birmingham are now only a few months old and far clearer.

What I find puzzling is that something new has appeared that intrigues me!

Last year I put my full post code into Google to see what came up; to my surprise I found a listing stating that I was a WiFi hot spot and a restaurant. Now on Google Earth there is a symbol next to my property indicating a restaurant, there is no restaurant and never has been! I am neither a WiFi hot spot nor a restaurant!

I have clicked on the symbol on Google Earth and all it gives is directions to the restaurant.

Is this spooky or what?

  Blackhat 01:05 04 May 2008

I dont have any WiFi! You dont want to try my cooking either.

  Blackhat 01:12 04 May 2008

Just to expand on my Google post code search, I live in a residential street and there are 4 properties sharing my post code, apart from the non existant restaurant one of the properties came up as an internet dating agency! Not me, honestly.

  Stuartli 11:27 04 May 2008

There is one very serious problem with Google Earth and I haven't been able to cure it so far.

That is that it is so thoroughly addictive that I often spend considerable time exploring the North West area of the UK...

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