Google Earth inaccuracy

  Chegs ®™ 15:06 18 May 2010

I mentioned in another thread about my difficulties finding door numbers and FE pointed out that its a legal requirement that the house number be displayed.Another poster suggested I use google earth "streetview" which I did,only to discover that some streets have the exact same number on every house.I have since had a pretty massive car crash that means I have had to cease working,but being stuck at home I had a long virtual wander round my area on google earth and discovered lots of streets that the google cars have not ventured into.I attempted to visit a reservoir by car,and as its about 20yrs since I was last in the area of the reservoir I thought I'd taken a wrong turning when I found a lot of heavy plant machinery where I recalled the reservoir being located.I drove into a farmyard to turn around and the farmer asked what I was doing,when I explained I was looking for the reservoir he informed me it was being redeveloped(all the heavy plant I'd seen)as it had closed about 5-6yrs ago.When I got home,once again I had a look on google earth and there was the reservoir just as I remembered it 20yrs ago.

Can you all have a look at google earth in your area and see just how many inaccuracies you can find?

(a clue to assist you,find any cul-de-sac that you know well and check googles numbering of the houses)

I do realise that rural areas might not rate highly in googles mapping,but I am interested whether this poor representation is confined to just rural areas or whether it applies in major cities too.

  Seth Haniel 15:19 18 May 2010

on Google Maps and also Multimap
a relatives street is under a different name altogether :(

  Woolwell 15:22 18 May 2010

Google Earth/Maps is only as accurate as the latest data it has. It is in fact immediately out-of-date. In the Carlisle area the latest coverage/aerial photos are dated 5 Mar 2003 (7 years old). The date is at the bottom left. In my area the date is 2007.

There will be lots of inaccuracies.

  Woolwell 15:25 18 May 2010

Just to add if you zoom out on Google Earth would will see the strips of imagery. Keswick is 2004 and Penrith 2009.

  Woolwell 15:26 18 May 2010

Don't know where would came from should read you!

  Woolwell 15:34 18 May 2010

On street numbers I think you will find that it is where it is near rather than being entirely accurate. With Google Street view you cannot always read the house numbers on the houses.

  Woolwell 15:43 18 May 2010

My TomTom and Nokia phone are accurate for house numbers. If you want on-line mapping to locate an adress by house number then OVI maps is accurate click here

  Chegs ®™ 20:53 18 May 2010

My issues with google earth are

1) a whole street numbered 1

2)several more streets not numbered at all

3)a reservoir that closed 5yrs ago and is now midway through a redevelopment shows as still there

I don't require this service any longer as I was involved in a traffic collision and cannot deliver any more meals until I get the insurance settlement to buy another car.

I also know the area extremely well so don't need a satnav.OVI maps may well be better than google earth,but I don't seem to be able to get house numbering to show on it.

To view the street all numbered 1,then locate

Cleator Moor/Ennerdale Road,halfways along Ennerdale Rd you will see ALDBY GROVE,and every house is labelled 1

  Woolwell 22:45 18 May 2010

I don't think that is meant to give house numbering but is a guide.
OVI maps doesn't show house numbers and I don't think that any of the online map systems actually show house numbers. However what I originally meant was that on OVI Maps if you input eg 1 Aldby Grove it will show you where No 1 actually is.
Via Michelin gives very limited information on house numbers click here

  Al94 08:48 19 May 2010

Google earth was never intended for that purpose.

  interzone55 09:00 19 May 2010

The low level images are taken from aeroplanes, and it's an incredibly expensive job to do a full overflight of a country just to keep Google earth up to date.

It seems that most of the images are updated every 5 years or so.

The City of Manchester Stadium only appeared on Google Maps last year despite it being opened for the Commonwealth Games in 2002...

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