Google earth, how old are the pictures.

  v1asco 07:26 06 Jan 2006

Anybody know.

Can see my house clearly and there is no consrvatory. This was put up nearly 4 years ago.


(original posted in another thread that was already resolved. Didn't notice until I posted. Really should have a cuppa before I log on in the Mornings)

  [DELETED] 08:39 06 Jan 2006

I have a friend who swears that his house shows a car that he owned for just a few months and that was 2 years back from now.
Can't tell from my house picture. I lived in the USA at that time and there were just lots of trees around the house.

  Al94 09:16 06 Jan 2006

Our area in Northern Ireland appears to be around 4 years old judging by re development.

  [DELETED] 09:39 06 Jan 2006

Try asking google for "Google earth, how old are the pictures" It reveals some quite funny results,such as two students who claim to be sunbathing in the sat image of the house they were renting.

  [DELETED] 09:47 06 Jan 2006
  v1asco 10:26 06 Jan 2006

wonder why I didn't think of looking there?

My conservatory was built July 2001, as its not there it would seem that Googles claim of 3 years is a bit out of date.

  [DELETED] 12:13 06 Jan 2006

You could always give NASA Whirlwind a here

  watchful 15:51 06 Jan 2006

They are a bit out with the 3 yr old claim as on my street there is just a field behind us where there is actually a large, detached house built about 5 years ago.

  [DELETED] 10:44 07 Jan 2006


  [DELETED] 17:57 08 Nov 2007

hi every one well, 3 weeks ago i went to the bahamas,paradise island and i stayed in a hotel called comfort suites, i went with a friend who had been before, 5 years ago and he stayed in the same hotel as we did this time, and that was 5 years ago but there was this board in the hotel saying 10 year employees with their pictures.

and then i checked the hotelup on google earth and it hadn't even been built but it says the employees have been working their 10 years,

so google earth pictures are actually 10 years old atleast

i double check all of this

  mikef. 18:30 08 Nov 2007

Virtual earth from MS is much more up to date particularly the 3D maps

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