Google earth

  wolfie3000 02:13 11 Apr 2006

I was playing around with google earth and Found this in Bagdad any ideas im stumped?

click here

  BIGBUSTER 02:41 11 Apr 2006

saddams auld hoose!!!!

  wolfie3000 02:43 11 Apr 2006

is it? its huge if it is it looks like a stadium lol,

Anyway your up early this morning Bigbuster.

  BIGBUSTER 02:45 11 Apr 2006

Up early alright started work 09.00 yesterday and don`t finish till 0900 today.

  wolfie3000 02:46 11 Apr 2006

My god how do you sleep?

  BIGBUSTER 02:52 11 Apr 2006

vertically eventually wolfie. what about yourself up and about the now or are you in Australia!

  wolfie3000 02:55 11 Apr 2006

lol no im in the south west of england the girlfreind keeps yelling at me to come to bed but i dont feel tired to much coffee i think.

Anyway after studying the picture i still cant see it as a palace its to spiky lol.

  BIGBUSTER 02:56 11 Apr 2006

first I have used this site. Trying to computer problems sorted.Simple things seem to take for ever.

  Kev.Ifty 02:56 11 Apr 2006
  BIGBUSTER 02:57 11 Apr 2006

what about work tomorrow or are u on holiday.

  BIGBUSTER 02:58 11 Apr 2006

nice one kev boy

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