Good times in Florida

  Colonel Graham 00:04 02 Oct 2011
  Colonel Graham 00:06 02 Oct 2011

PS. it may not work in Firefox.

  Crosstrainer2 02:39 02 Oct 2011

Must be flash, won't wor k on my iPad either.....Hope you are having a good time though!

  lotvic 03:18 02 Oct 2011

Nice shirt (guitarist)

  spuds 13:47 02 Oct 2011

Good times in Florida. It was for me when I spent a little time in the 'pokey' due to a slight visa error, a few years ago. During the short stay on that occasion, the free coffee and doughnuts were first rate, I would recommend them highly.

Must be flash, yep could well be right, I have had to 'adjust' the plugins!.

  rdave13 14:04 02 Oct 2011

It's Windows Media Player Plugin.

  Colonel* Graham 16:05 08 Oct 2011

The Carter Brothers are on again tonight, from 10.30pm our time. Well worth seeing.

I can't help noticing, most people in Hog's Breath wear large T-shirts.

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