Good thing I don't live in London ...

  WhirlingRound 18:59 21 Jun 2019

Latest news from Kensington and Chelsea

1]: [click here "Kensington and Chelsea"

  Aitchbee 21:17 21 Jun 2019

Up here in Glasgow [southside], new integrated cycle lanes seem to be everywhere!

click here

  WhirlingRound 21:21 21 Jun 2019

If K&C could take a leaf out of Scotland's book.

  Forum Editor 23:17 21 Jun 2019

When I first started driving in London you hardly ever saw a cyclist - now they are everywhere, and this city, like many others has just got to find solutions. It makes no sense to argue in favour of fewer dedicated cycle lanes, because there will be increasing numbers of cyclists on the roads, and not just in cities.

  canarieslover 16:20 22 Jun 2019

The trouble with cycle lanes is that much of the work carried out seems to be 'box ticking' rather than sorting out the problem properly. Our local council have introduced cycle lanes in the road in which I live. To enable them it has had to remove the traffic calming islands from the middle of the road that they only installed a few years ago. The cycle lanes are only marked by a white line each side of the road and in an 800 metre strech of road they only account for around 400 metres of it, for the the gaps between sections it's 'cyclists beware'. The removal of the islands has resulted in increased speed and cars overtaking as well as there are now no safe havens in the middle of the road for children crossing the road to go to school. Only 'serious' cyclists seem to use the cyle lanes, the same ones who used the road before, and the casual cyclists still ride on the pavement. Net result is money wasted on an incomplete system! I have jusg returned from Benidorm where they seem to have the problem sorted out properly on the main routes in much the same way as Glasgow.

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