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Good recommended an easy 'weeder' ?

  Anon-321355 13:16 28 May 2013

Due to the recent many weather changes, we have a substantial increase of weeds and grass areas that want clearing. We have tried a number of the 'off the shelf' products with a negative or only partial positive results.

What we are looking for, is a product that is available to the public that will do a good clearance job, and at the same time be pet friendly.

My local council use a product, usually via a person going around with a sprayer device mounted on a quad bike. This product seems to clear most things for at least 6 months, but according to the operator, its only available to licensed holders/users.

Can you suggest any such product?.

  Anon-438827 02:29 09 Jun 2013

You missed out the "high cement content" The curing concrete gets very hot and burns both weeks and seeds.

Our only local problem with paraffin is the price, almost the price of petrol.

Good old bark chippings can do the job short term as does a hoe on a hot day. Large areas are a problem.

  Anon-321355 11:43 15 Jun 2013

Returning back to this subject, and a possible 'rip-off'.

Yesterday I visited a very well known store, and visiting their garden section I found a small '250ml' container of concentrated Glyphosate, very similar or the same to that I mentioned in my update June 7 post.

The price of this product was £7.98 per 250ml, so perhaps making £159.60 had the item been available as a 5 litre container.

Not a bad mark-up or profit, if you want to pay those prices, on perhaps a quick purchase buy?.

Having done a number of checks, before making my final purchases (on recommendation), I find the prices varied considerably. The same applied to knapsack type sprayers, depending on suppliers. So it certainly pays to check and shop around.

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