a good reason for reading threads unlogged in

  p;3 23:09 18 Feb 2006

as you may recall, the forum got hijacked recently; it occurred to me,that, with the forum in its present state of readability while not logged in, one can now see instantly, when one finds the forum, if a repeat has occured , or if something is amiss;

  ade.h 23:14 18 Feb 2006


When was this?

  rdave13 23:20 18 Feb 2006

Not with you there ?

  ade.h 23:21 18 Feb 2006

Kate B discussed another forum that was potentially being hacked. You're not thinking of that are you?

  p;3 23:25 18 Feb 2006

I think that those who saw the forum hijack will never forget it; I can vividly recall it;

  ade.h 23:37 18 Feb 2006

Well don't keep me in the dark then. What happened? Should we be worried?

  alB 23:39 18 Feb 2006

When was this, I visit the forum every evening and don't recall it ever being hijacked...alB

  gudgulf 23:51 18 Feb 2006

I remember it.........someone was spoofing members names and posting threads with multiple responses with messages like "you (the forum that is) are going down" and various out of character responses from what were apparently well known members of the forum.

Soon sorted out though...and we are still here.

But p;3,I'm still not quite sure what you are getting at???

  Djohn 00:52 19 Feb 2006

The forum was not high jacked P;3 just some silly person using a technique to log in under various usernames to make sill and repeated post.

I believe everything was under control at the time and PCA only allowed it to continue while they dealt with it. Being able to read the forum topics now without logging in will not have any affect on yourself any different than it would have at the time of the incident.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:52 19 Feb 2006



  watchful 08:44 19 Feb 2006

As far as I can remember, I've never been 'logged out.'

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