Good to read

  blanco 19:11 27 Feb 2010

the admiration of Brumas in the print edition I received today.
Looking at it weekly, I had forgotten just how long he has been posting these visual puzzles, I've never got near to recognizing one of them but, like many others I'm sure, get a special buzz looking at them each week.

Does his loft buckle under the weight of old postcards I wonder.

Thanks from all of us Brumas.

  Brumas 22:34 27 Feb 2010

I cancelled my subscription to PC Advisor when I migrated to an iMac so I am not up to date on the comings and goings.

Does this mean I will have to go out and buy a copy to see what has been said, he asks himself?
Thanks to you Blanco and all the others who regularly have a go every Friday :o)

The postcards belong to my dear wife Fran and fortunately they live in the study (posh name for the guest bedroom) otherwise the sheer weight would cause them to come hurtling through the ceiling!!

  Brumas 22:53 27 Feb 2010

A sudden thought, it seems foolish for me to go out and buy a PC mag (admittedly THE PC Mag) when I have an iMac, as it would be just wasted.
If anyone would like to scan me a copy of the article using my yellow envelope, I would be grateful but you still won't get any extra clues for the next puzzle ;o))

  Forum Editor 00:29 28 Feb 2010

just copy and print what we had to say about you in our 'Chit chat' panel on the Readers' writes page:-

"It would be impossible not to mention Brumas' weekly 'Identification Longshot/Talking point' posts, in which he uploads an old postcard and invites forum members to guess what's going on in the picture. Amazingly, as we went to press, he had submitted somewhere in the region of 265 images for your perusal"

  Brumas 09:13 28 Feb 2010

For that I am obliged, thank you FE.
Can I now feature the magazine logo and the annotation 'By Loyal Appointment' after my name ;o))

  Forum Editor 09:33 28 Feb 2010

Steady now. Even I can't do that.

  Brumas 09:39 28 Feb 2010


  Macscouse 10:07 28 Feb 2010

Does this mean that Bingalau has to call you Sir, and curtsey before your presence?

  Brumas 10:24 28 Feb 2010

There's no solution to that, I got rid of my 'speccy' years ago ;o)

  Cymro. 10:25 28 Feb 2010

So how many have you managed to get right then?. Personally I only knew a couple of them. I wonder who has recognised the most.

  Brumas 10:26 28 Feb 2010

He did first time we met, but to be fair he was wearing a frilly pinny ;o))

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