A Good Quality Padlock For a Storage Unit

  Menzie 18:52 27 Oct 2018

I am currently looking for a good quality padlock for my storage unit.

I am wondering if anyone here has a shed or allotment where they use a padlock. What kind of padlock do you use?

I've noticed that there are different shapes. I'm thinking of the discus type lock as they are meant to be trickier to cut from what I've read.

Any tips or recommendations?

  Menzie 19:30 27 Oct 2018

I had heard about the Abus brand, was looking at one of their discus locks. Didn't know about their Granit series however.

Looking on Amazon all the reviews appear glowing. They do cost a pretty penny but aren't the most expensive locks out there.

They are definitely worth considering and it looks like my local hardware place does carry them.

  Quickbeam 19:30 27 Oct 2018


  Quickbeam 19:44 27 Oct 2018

You get what you pay for with locks, a 10 quid lock can have the shackle cut through with nail scissors... well you know what I mean.

I have a metal gatefold garage door and put a couple of Thule van door locks on it. Anything can be broken into by the determined scumbag, but these will make a lot of noise to break.

  wee eddie 20:19 27 Oct 2018

A professional thief will bring whatever is necessary to do the job.

Too expensive a lock and he will just take the door off its hinges.

  Quickbeam 20:27 27 Oct 2018

It's all about noise in my view, if it can't be done quietly, that's a major deterrent.

  Menzie 22:16 27 Oct 2018

Where I have my stuff is quite good, there are cameras all over. There is one exit and one entrance which needs a keycard to open the gates.

There are storage units which have a door on the outside. Mine is on the inside in a heated unit. There is only one entrance which has a camera. A lift must be taken to get to the units once inside which has a camera. Then you have all the units inside which are all padlocked. Chances of mine being targeted in particular is slim.

Theoretically my cheap lock just blends in and there is the argument that a thief looking may think there is some nice stuff inside my unit if my lock is of a much higher quality than the rest.

  carver 11:54 28 Oct 2018

A padlock is only as strong as the clasp you fasten it to. A friend has a stable block with tack room and that was fitted with a decant pad lock, thieves just all they did was crowbar the hasp of the frame

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