The good old days

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While I was up in the loft, I found issue No 15 of the PC Advisor magazine, dated December 1996. It makes interesting reading. Main story “With the P200, Intel's best selling chip has reached its upper limit.” Retailers on the go then include Mesh (they must be doing something right), Achter (hasn't this been mentioned in a thread recently), Dell, Tiny and Evesham Micros among others. Time Computers has a total of 22 pages of adverts!

The price of a Mesh computer (P166 processor, 16 Mb EDO RAM,1.7 Gb hard disk, 15” colour monitor, 28,800 fax/modem and games bundle) was £1829. Upgrade to 32 Mb ram for an extra £117.50 and upgrade the monitor to a 17” Iiyama for another £346.63.

A Pro 200 System from Carrera with 128MB Ram, 3.2 GB hard drive and a 21” monitor was priced at £4064.33 inc VAT.

1 (one) blank 74 minute CD cost £6.70, Buy 100 and you can have them for £617 inc VAT and delivery.

9 GB hard drive from Seagate would have cost you a staggering £1761.32 inc VAT.

The annual cost of internet access From BT Internet for 24 hours per month was £144.68, and you still had to pay for the phone calls.

By my very rough mental arithmetic prices of everything, taking into account the increase in the specs you can get now, must have fallen over the past 9 years by at least 80%, so where is it all going to end. If things keep going as they have in 10 years time we'll have systems that wouldn't be out of place in the space shuttle at a cost of about £300.

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Don't get me started on the good old days ......


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"systems that wouldn't be out of place in the space shutTLE" Wasn't the 8086 processor used extensively on the Shuttle?

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saying that... although they've never built new shuttles the equipment onboard, like computers etc.. is upgraded.

So while we might have computers now that once were the shining glory of yesterdays shuttle, the current shuttles will probably house the kind of componentry we'll be seeing in our own computers maybe 5yrs down the line.

Unless that is you're refering to a particular shuttle as your grammer states "the shuttle".

in which case i apologise for my pointless statement.


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I worked for a firm called Service Industries, now defunct, that serviced Dell laptops. A couple of examples of the spares prices. A motherboard, with integrated Pentium 133 was a little over $1500 and an 11.4" SVGA TFT LCD panel, just a bare panel, was over $1000. These were prices charged to Service Industries, plus VAT. I don't like to think how much the customers paid!

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the Good old days were the bad old days - at least as far as prices go.

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I've got a system very close to that Mesh one, only it has a Viglen badge on it! Still works though doesn't get turned on very much these days. The monitor however is still in use!

  spuds 10:52 13 Jan 2006

The good old days-- On a waiting list for those ever powerful turbo charged Sinclairs. Then of course there was Prestel, to order your goods on-line.Now those were the days ;o)

  handful 07:58 18 Jan 2006

I remember buying my first pc, my pride and joy, a Gateway 2000 Pentium 100 with 16mb Ram, 17" monitor and 1gb hd for £2300. And everyone I knew said what have I got a 1gb hd for, I'll never be able to fill it!

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