Good news for someone we all know

  TOPCAT® 14:00 15 Nov 2005

provided he can lay his hands on his credit cards. We understand they are only released to him when his lady is in a good mood, and then only briefly!

To whom do I refer? Why, our illustrious FE, of course, who most probably will drool and go weak at the knees at this announcement. :o)) TC.

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  Forum Editor 14:42 15 Nov 2005

Interesting certainly, but the success of this new departure will depend on selling price.

  anchor 16:21 15 Nov 2005

Sorry TOPCAT®, you have left me in the dark.

Whatever the good news may be, it is going to cost the FE money; that is`nt such good news!.

  TOPCAT® 17:35 15 Nov 2005

the FE spending money! That is of course if he's allowed to. :o)

Seriously though, I bet it will be some machine and with style and beauty, though the debate on which is best or more practical continues unabated. My vote still rests with a PC. TC.

  lisa02 08:50 16 Nov 2005

I wouldn't be drooling over a mac. Except maybe one from Mcdonalds, actually no not even mcdonalds.

I wonder when we'll see someone run windows on the intel/apple machines.

  jack 11:46 16 Nov 2005

'I wonder when we'll see someone run windows on the intel/apple machines.' askes lisa02

There was a time when infact one could- and perhaps on some setupss till can.
Hardware and software emulators were a big thing a few years ago.
When first I came to PC's 'co's my then favourite had reached the end of its paricular road- I was able to carry on with all my favourite programs and files by installing an emulator -it was known as a 'Gemulator' becuae it emulated the GEM system the great granddaddy of Mr Gate's and Mr Job's little brainwaves [Really they snitched it from the originators]

  Jackcoms 19:01 16 Nov 2005

I'll stick to buying my apples at Sainsbury's, thanks.

  mole44 20:18 16 Nov 2005

i think we should all club together and buy one for F.E. for christmas,after all the sterling work he`s done for us over the start the ball rolling heres my donation £300.00

  powerless 21:42 16 Nov 2005

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I'd love an iMac.

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