Good news for all you British Cas customers

  karmgord 11:16 18 Nov 2010

It's good news ,Centrica the owners of British Gas announced that it expected profits to soar to 2.2 BILLION pounds,they state that signing up an extra 270,000 customers helped boost profits,now with the extra 7% rise in your gas prices let's all hope that they can make even more profit next year.

  Pine Man 11:19 18 Nov 2010

Who the hell actually moves to BG?

Have those 270000 new customers escaped from somewhere?

  spuds 11:29 18 Nov 2010

Its not really profit, because someone will be telling me shortly, that the increase in revenue is for future expansion programs for the customers well-being.

A bit like major supermarkets buying into corner shops. All for the now and future customers benefit?.

  interzone55 11:54 18 Nov 2010

It depends what time of the year you visit Go Compare or whatever.

At some point pretty much each supplier is cheapest for about 20 minutes or so until the next round of price rises.

It also depends on your usage profile

For instance N Power have one of the lowest prices for the second tier of usage, but one of the highest thresholds for the jump from tier one to tier two rate. So if you use loads of power you will be better off with N Power, but if like me you keep electricity usage to a minimum your not so well off...

  tullie 11:56 18 Nov 2010

Im pretty shure they are all the same,i do know that my BG prices dont go up untill 2012

  KremmenUK 12:26 18 Nov 2010

I agree. I put all my details into the SwitchWith Which site and BG came up cheapest in my area.

I think all companies charges will rise very shortly as they all buy gas from the one supplier.

With a toothless OFGEM these rises will continue at the companies demand.

  Pine Man 12:58 18 Nov 2010

I accept that prices vary with region, usage and method of payment.

My choice of supplier is based on price for my particular circumstances, which certainly isn't BG, but also on the absolutely horrendous experiences I have had in the past with BG and customer service.

  wids001 15:50 18 Nov 2010

Rip-Off Britain!

The government just sits back and lets more people fall into fuel poverty.

  Forum Editor 16:19 18 Nov 2010

I did, for the best reason possible - they provided the best deal.

  realist 17:54 18 Nov 2010

I have never thought it beneficial to "switch" providers and have been with BG since it was The South Eastern Gas Board.

They also provide our service cover and come out at weekends and sometimes even on the same day.

They carry out the Landlord's services for our tenanted property and provide all the required paperwork which avoids another annual headache.

Our price is fixed until next May.

  ams4127 22:13 18 Nov 2010

Me too, and with no complaints at all. Excellent service.

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