Good luck tomorrow young man

  Noldi 21:08 08 Mar 2012

This young man has to try and get his £100,000 car back tomorrow. I know what I would tell him but will the judge.


  Input Overload 21:34 08 Mar 2012

Hope it's not 'Judge Judy' he sees :-)

  Bingalau 21:59 08 Mar 2012

Sounds to me as if he deserves everything he gets/or doesn't get back.

  Noldi 22:12 08 Mar 2012

I have followed the stories about the group in the Swiss news for a few days, He wasn't the only one, a Rolls has also been taken by the police, they all seam to be at it why they went to Switzerland with some of the strictest motoring laws I don't know. There was a picture in the Swiss news with the police with about 5 or 6 cars lined up stopped by the police.


  Grey Goo 00:33 09 Mar 2012

The Swiss can store it securely alongside all the Nazi gold they acquired.

  morddwyd 07:32 09 Mar 2012

"The Swiss can store it securely alongside all the Nazi gold they acquired.""

Was such a racist comment really necessary?

  carver 08:01 09 Mar 2012

But morddwyd it's true, nothing racist about the comment Grey Goo posted, might be out of place but true.

  interzone55 08:29 09 Mar 2012


How is that comment racist?

The Swiss hold a lot of very unsavoury items in their vaults, including stolen art, Nazi gold, and proceeds of international terrorism...

  Brumas 09:23 09 Mar 2012

The car should be confiscated and crushed, with him watching and then he should be given a Trabant in it's place and made to drive it for a year - that would surely be punishment indeed!

  Chegs ®™ 10:27 09 Mar 2012

given a Trabant in it's place...

These are very eco-unfriendly,much better would be one of the electric vehicles with a range of 30 miles & top speed of 40 MPH(and made to buy it rather than given it)

  Brumas 10:39 09 Mar 2012

Chegs ®™, even better still!

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