Good Looking Nuisance Flogging Laptops?

  Bing.alau 15:57 04 Nov 2012

Every time I come on to this site now I get a handsome salesman trying to flog laptops. How do I get rid of him? I've got a feeling it's not going to be easy. He keeps popping up in the top right hand corner of my screen.

  oresome 17:32 04 Nov 2012

Once you've purchased one, he'll move on to the extended warranty.........and then the virus protection...........and then the bag........and th

  Joseph Kerr 17:39 04 Nov 2012

Sorry, no personal offence intended but it's most irritating and an invasion, frankly, when ads come with sound. I've said it before...

  Flak999 17:50 04 Nov 2012

Just use an ad blocker, I'm using Chrome with adblock and I never see any of these intrusive ads.

And before somebody says it, I know all the well worn arguments about the site not being able to survive without ads, but when said ads have such a detrimental effect on the users browsing experience, what can you expect?

  Bing.alau 17:57 04 Nov 2012

I think this salesman is a pal of our FE. So be careful what you say.

  Condom 18:01 04 Nov 2012

I have Ad Blocker but he seems to have a way round it. Pity we couldn't throw darts at it as I need the practice ;-)

  Woolwell 18:10 04 Nov 2012

What advert? My anti-banner must block it.

  morddwyd 19:21 04 Nov 2012

Pity there can't be a system whereby after you've clicked on it once it disappears.

That way the advertiser, and PCA, gets the result intended, and the punters don't get too frustrated.

Incidentally, I don't get the one complained of here, but I don't use adblockers.

  TonyV 20:23 04 Nov 2012

I think he introduces himself as Matt Egan whose name rings a bell from these Forums!


  Bing.alau 20:26 04 Nov 2012


That's why I mentioned being careful as he is a friend of our FE. Who knows, the next advert might be one by our FE himself?...

  TonyV 20:35 04 Nov 2012


I thought that was what you meant. I haven't said anything untoward yet so I should be getting any black marks! But it's a nice Office/Pub he has set himself up in though!!


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