A good idea so why not used more?

  Cymro. 11:13 05 Mar 2018

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This sort of use of the military has always seemed a good idea to me but why is it not made more use of? It seems that any help of this sort is only asked for when things have developed in to a crisis. I am sure there must be other times and situations when the forces could have been bought in to help. They are there and their wages have to be paid whatever they do so why not make more use of the military. I doubt very much if the people asked would object to lending a hand at such times and it may well add something useful to their training.

  dagbladet 12:16 05 Mar 2018

It is a good use of the asset and I remember doing something similar in Kent many years ago. I do tend to think that there is often a kneejerk "call the Army in" attitude during various perceived levels of 'crisis'. Case in point is during firefighter strikes. Apart from a tiny percentage, the Armed Forces are neither trained nor equipped to deal with fires. If ordered, they will respond and do the best they can but whilst better than nothing, a bunch of enthusiastic infantrymen in an ageing bedford water pumnp should not really be considered as an adequate replacement. Furthermore, to assume that we have a myriad of aircraft, vehicles and troops just sitting around doing nothing is wide of the mark.

  LastChip 16:50 05 Mar 2018

I can't help thinking calling in the military is perceived as a failure of the authorities to cope. It shouldn't be. There are times where a situation gets out of control and it should be seen as an additional asset to be used, not as a mark of failure.

Often egos play an abnormal part in what otherwise would be rational decision making.

  bumpkin 21:21 07 Mar 2018

why is it not made more use of?

Probably because it is a sensible idea.

  Forum Editor 22:48 07 Mar 2018

"It seems that any help of this sort is only asked for when things have developed in to a crisis."

And that's how it should be. It would be wrong to think of our armed forces as a readily available labour force, just standing around, waiting to be used for any kind of work that comes along.

Armed forces are there for a specific purpose, but of course it's right to use their resources when a real crisis arises and there's a threat to life. Otherwise, the emergency services and other public agencies should do the job.

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