A Good Example?

  Input Overload 18:15 06 Jul 2007
  Forum Editor 18:37 06 Jul 2007

not a good example.

  stolensilver 19:07 06 Jul 2007

Why do so many people with a modicum of power and influence think that laws apply to everyone but themselves?

Well done whoever tackled him about smoking on the train.

  lisa02 19:10 06 Jul 2007

I disagree with the FE. He is a good example.

...of an idiot who thinks he's above the rest of us.

  Forum Editor 19:13 06 Jul 2007

I imagine the train manager thought "here comes my fifteen minutes of fame".

The Police actually 'tackled' Charles Kennedy, although I doubt he needed much tackling. He probably got all irritated, but then he would - he was caught breaking the law, and would immediately have realised that 'here comes some more adverse publicity'.

  wee eddie 19:18 06 Jul 2007

The Police went Softly Softly for the first few months.

  Totally-braindead 19:27 06 Jul 2007

Stupid of him to do it, even more stupid of him not to immediatly put the cigarette out and appologise, and even more stupid to carry on until they got the Police.

He really is very stupid and obviously thinks the law does not apply to him. No fine? Thats a bit much, if I did it I would definately get fined. Its unfair like so many things.

  justme 20:00 06 Jul 2007

Perhaps he wanted a legal test case on whether or not someone with their head (and presumably the cigarette) out of the window is smoking in a confined space.

Personally I think that to sidestep the law in this manner he would need to have his lungs out of the window too and then run the risk of getting hit by a train going in the other direction :-)

  J B 20:15 06 Jul 2007

Reminds me of "Behind the Bike Shed". You know you shouldn't do it but you do it anyway to see if anyone can catch you. J.B.

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