Good Debit Card rejected.........

  Seth Haniel 08:50 24 Jul 2008

Signed up to GenesReunited in January using Paypal for 6 months - as the time is up GR tried to renew subscription but failed saying card had changed or was invalid - it still has over a year to go and still works everywhere else - no PayPal have emailed me to delete card details.

A I don't have a credit card the only way to pay or renewal of GR is by cheque

As to PayPal I will just apply as a new customer

  GRIDD 10:24 24 Jul 2008

Just re add your card to paypal. They for some reason did it with mine, a glitch in the system it must be, and I re added the card with no more problems.

  €dstowe 10:33 24 Jul 2008

I had a business credit card which was invariably refused on the first attempt on Internet transactions. If I tried a second time it usually worked. Occasionally it took two extra tries.

I told the card company and they sent me a new card - looking the same except for the three digit code on the back. That one worked with no problem.

  spuds 11:07 24 Jul 2008

Credit and Debit cards can and do have sensitive moments.

The other week I tried to pay the TV licence on-line, and the payment was refused. Telephoned the licence people to complete the transaction, and the adviser informed me that the transaction couldn't be processed, "as there was a problem with the card". I offered another card, and the transaction was completed.

Later that day, I used the 'rejected' card in two other establishments, informing the retailer that there might be a problem with the card, but I wanted to check it. Both transactions went through without a problem, and the same card as been used many times since, without any hints of a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 24 Jul 2008

If your three digit code on the back is 000 it will be rejected on internet sites becuase of authorisation but work OK as chip and pin.

code is worked out by a combination of start and expiry dates (months and years).

just been through it with my new card had three before the code was changed (finally got through to a human being).

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