Is this a good deal?

  Legolas 08:48 22 Mar 2010

Sorry FE I posted this in the 'mobile world' forum but after three days no reply, no one goes there, so I have reposted here.

I have never had a mobile phone contract before as I was never a heavy user and always stuck with a PAYG. I now find I am using it more and think it might be cheaper if I get a contract. I seen this click here (first one at top of page) and it seems a very good deal. Now as someone who knows nothing about contract phones I have a couple of questions, are the allowances mentioned for each month? I am assuming they are and in the experience of those with more knowledge of contract phones is there normally any hidden costs?

  mr simon 08:57 22 Mar 2010

I would be wary about taking up cashback offers. In my experience, you have to be absolutely precise in sending back your bills at the right time, and recorded mail, or they will just not process it.

As far as hidden costs, you are covered for internet, which is usually a common complaint as they charge by the MB if you do not have it as part of your package. Only charge that was added to mine was when they started to encourage people to sign up for paperless bills, I was charged £1.50 for a paper one for a while before I realised.

All in all, I think contracts are better, just make sure you send your bills in to get your cashback. If you are paying £30 a month for it then that is a rotten deal.

  DANZIG 09:03 22 Mar 2010

I've recently gone on to a contract from being a devout PAYG user for years. Mainly I did it to have unlimited internet access. I got a G2 from t-mobile, 30 quid a month with unlimited internet access, 1000 minutes and a 1000 texts. I've only been charged extra for texting my dad in Spain...17p. All the bills get sent online and, so far, no issues. The example you link to looks OK, but the camera on it doesn't sound too cracky. I'm using my phone now to send this by the way.

  Kevscar1 09:11 22 Mar 2010

From my own experience never ever get a cashback deal.
Search around you will find something that works out cheaper without it. My last argument was with T-mobile who said that I couldn,t find better than their deal which worked out to 17 per month after a 50% cashback which I had to send in every 3 months. While the guy was telling me this I and 3,s page up showing me £15 a month straight on an 18 month contract, exactly the same mins and texts. No paying £30 and getting cashback.

  Awshum 09:20 22 Mar 2010

The line rental is £30 per month before claiming cashback.

"18 month contracts are redeemed in 5 equal stages after bill 4, 8, 12, 15, and 18,"

The tarriff is below average and the phone is a cheap one.

How much you spending on PAYG?

  Toneman 09:41 22 Mar 2010

I see the spec states NOT good for internet...

  birdface 10:55 22 Mar 2010

Also very bad sites according to WOT.
I certainly would use my credit details with them.
Apart from that it is a long time since I used anything like that. You have to pay the full amount monthly then claim it back at certain times of the contract.
Like I said bad site for downloading anything.

  Legolas 13:16 22 Mar 2010

Very interesting replies, I was aware that £30 per month was well OTT but with cashback only woked out at £6.67. I might well look at other deals as most of you do not seem very keen on the cashback scheme.

I am not a heavy user and usually spend between £10 and £15 per month. More in the summer. The thing that attracted me most was the unlimited internet access.

  Awshum 13:20 22 Mar 2010

Which network are you on?

  Awshum 13:32 22 Mar 2010

I don't think you need a contract, just a better PAYG deal. Only reason for you to get a contract is if you wanted an expensive phone.

I use o2 PAYG with a Nokia 5800 and it works out:

Top up £15 per month and get unlimited free calls and texts to other o2 users.

I spend no money in month one just using the free allowances and then the second month I spend my credit.

Unlimited browsing on o2 can be bought for £7.50 per month but my phone has wifi so I just use free hotspots when I'm out'n'about and my home connection when I'm not.

  eikonuj 14:19 22 Mar 2010

'Also very bad sites according to WOT.'
Please explain, what is WOT?

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