A good day for Manchester (football)

  Si_L 01:07 02 Sep 2008

City strike late for Robinho's signature, snatching him just at the last second away from Chelsea. It will be interesting to see how he gets on in the premiership, but with him and SWP on Citys wings, they are a force to be reckoned with now.

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Man Utd seal the deal for Berbatov, despite City putting in a last minute bid. They needed a striker seeing as Saha has gone to the Toffees, and I don't think that Utd could do better than Berbatov.

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  mrwoowoo 01:51 02 Sep 2008

As a Chelsea supporter i'm gutted that Robinho has gone to city.
Two main strikers in our squad is nowhere near enough.
I can't help feeling that if the Chelsea management had conducted themselves better he may have been a Chelsea player now.
When will Kenyon ever learn?

  Jak_1 02:30 02 Sep 2008

The future's blue, sky blue :)))
New owners of the club too with more money than Abramovich. I just hope the club keeps it's friendly atmosphere and doesn't take up the arrogant attitude that some clubs have!

  Picklefactory 07:38 02 Sep 2008

Nice to see a different club pushing hard to compete with the big guns, I just hope they don't do a Leeds, with all the cash they're throwing around.

  Bingalau 07:40 02 Sep 2008

You mean like the other Manchester club? I think you will find your ticket prices being hiked up, then gradually you will find all the out of town brigade taking over your seats, because you can't afford them.

  Picklefactory 07:44 02 Sep 2008

I was thinking more of the way Leeds overspent and almost went bust, wouldn't like to see that happen to another big name.

  interzone55 09:11 02 Sep 2008

City are quite used to moving up and down the divisions.

The thing with City is that they've never really had the big bucks. Even when they were bought by the bog paper magnet they didn't have a lot of ready cash. Perhaps the new owners will be a bit freer with the credit card, after all they don't mind spending it Rolls & Mercedes dealerships...

  ventanas 09:53 02 Sep 2008

Back to the old days, I can remember when City were THE club in Manchester and United were in the second division as was.
I went to Wembley in 1969 when they won the cup with the likes of Colin Bell, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee etc.
Lets hope these days are coming back.

  Si_L 10:01 02 Sep 2008

With the amount of investment at City's disposal, and with enough clout to already be making big signings like Robinho, Jo, SWP etc, you have to seriously say that you can expect them to be the team to break into the 'top 4', which is brilliant, those 4 have been at the top for too long and the less predictable football is the better. It needs shaking up.

mrwoowoo - Drogba and Anelka are both are world class players, I don't think you need to worry about your attack, especially seeing as you tend to play only one up front. If the goals don't come from there then Lampard is usually more than happy to bang a few in. You could do with getting rid of Kalou, he does nothing for your team at all.

  version8 10:01 02 Sep 2008

OK more money is injected but will these clubs loose their true ID's.
Will new owners understand the grass roots fever of the supporters?

  Jak_1 13:39 02 Sep 2008

"OK more money is injected but will these clubs loose their true ID's.
Will new owners understand the grass roots fever of the supporters?"

That is my one fear, City have always been a community club and put the supporters high on their list of priorities. Hopefully they will continue in that vein and not become one of the arrogant clubs. Only time will tell. But for the moment, at least, I'm on cloud nine. Our next game should be interesting, it's Chelsea at Eastlands, or should that be 'Middle Eastlands'!

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