Good to be in Scotland?

  badgery 12:58 03 Mar 2012

With the English NHS reforms and now the police, I certainly feel there's a lot of change being done in the south that I don't remember in any manifestos. Happy to be up here!


  badgery 14:16 03 Mar 2012

fourm member

I would expect the Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee to know a little more about this issue than yourself, so pardon me if I tend to believe him. Much more likely that you are being silly, I think.

*".. two forces have invited bids from firms including G4S, the world's largest security firm, to deliver a number of services currently undertaken by the police. They include responding to and investigating incidents, supporting victims and witnesses, managing high-risk individuals and patrolling neighbourhoods."*

Certainly doesn't sound like just 'back-office, or the stuff you quote about supplying uniforms etc (you forgot pencils and paper in your rather desperate comparison!).

  bremner 16:07 03 Mar 2012

You may be happy to be up there but with Scottish Police forces seeking to save money in exactly the same way as English and Welsh forces, Strathclyde losing 600 civilians and 200 police, as sure as eggs are eggs they will look very carefully at the West Mids and Surrey proposals.

On top of that you have Alex Salmond and midges, the question there being which is the most annoying? ;o)

  lucky1 16:09 03 Mar 2012

Let's not forget that very soon Scotland's eight Police Forces will merge into one. Will we here in Scotland get the same service? I very much doubt it!

  badgery 16:11 03 Mar 2012

fourm member

Get a grip, man; in your initial post it was 'hysterical reactions' and this is followed now by "..throwing up your hands in horror at the mention of the private sector is a ridiculous thing to do".

I thought I was making a perfectly reasonable point that the idea of 'investigating and patrolling', by private companies, hardly compares with your 'purchasing uniforms etc'. But again, I suppose anyone with a diffent view to your own must automatically be 'hysterical or ridiculous'!

As to your pontification about who can and cannot take part in decision making, "..needs to be discussed by sensible people willing to consider realities" - and you, of course, consider only yourself as qualified, I suspect !!

As for "the only thing of interest to Keith Vaz is Keith Vaz.", I'm afraid exactly the same could be said for Cameron, Clegg and Osborne, and (might I suggest) your good self? (;-)

  badgery 16:25 03 Mar 2012


Yes, on the West Coast we do suffer badly from 'clegs' - and annoying, yet persistent wee biting creatures they are. Bit like the one in Westminster, I suppose!!

  john bunyan 16:38 03 Mar 2012

I hope that any Scottish reorganisation of the police force does try to reduce the murder rate:

  badgery 16:50 03 Mar 2012

fourm member "..that is just a juvenile personal insult like so much of your post"

You, as usual, are so quick to accuse others of personally insulting you - I suppose you chose to personally ignore the 'smiley' I put after that terrible insult to you?? I've heard of having thin skin but that is ridiculous! And, purely as a point of interest, where were all the other personal insults 'like so much of your post'?

  john bunyan 16:53 03 Mar 2012

badgery, forum member

Boys, boys let us try to debate calmly rather than boring others with personal remarks.

  badgery 17:06 03 Mar 2012

john bunyan

Indeed. My original post was about England suffering non-manifesto reforms to NHS and police - two of the 'big' electoral interest groups.

It seems, now, to be going off to discuss Alex Salmond and Scottish Police reorganisation - both having nothing to do with the English/Welsh situations.

  john bunyan 18:02 03 Mar 2012

I think that with over 40 seperate police forces in England, there must be room for more efficiencies. In particular, organised crime and terrorism are surely matters that need a national command structure, like a mini FBI. I realise that the average "bobbie on the beat" (do they exist?) must have a local area as travel is a consideration but England has changed so much in the last 50 years that the police structure has to be reviewed. I believe Canada has removed a number of ranks within their police service; do we need so many Chief Constables?

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