The good and the bad.

  LastChip 13:42 15 Dec 2014

Over the past few months, I've been designing a prototype of something (I can't say any more than that I'm afraid), but it required small quantities of components from (hopefully) UK manufacturers in the engineering sector - it is after all a one off prototype.

All I can say is, I find it hard to believe just how bad UK service is. But equally, I've found one or two gems.

So I thought (hopefully with the FE's approval) we might have a bit of fun running towards the end of the year to nominate a 2014 outstanding company and one you would give a wooden spoon to.

I'll start it off with my outstanding service vote going to Richardsons Shelving and my wooden spoon to 3M adhesives.

Who wants to join in and who are your winners and losers (any area, not just engineering)? Please don't let this thread degenerate into a slagging off; just nominate - not the reasons please.

  Pine Man 15:31 15 Dec 2014

Great: Santander

Gruesome: BT

  woodchip 16:28 15 Dec 2014

Very Good Bardwells Electronics Sheffield

  carver 18:47 15 Dec 2014

And that's another vote for Bardwells, brilliant shop but another firm that demands a vote is Scan computers, in this day and age a firm that will deliver on time and give some good advice on buying PC components.

For the wooden spoon may I recommend Debenhams customer service for not giving a toss about customer care.

  Aitchbee 18:59 15 Dec 2014

Good - DWP.

Bad - DWP.

  bumpkin 21:23 15 Dec 2014

No competition here, the wooden spoon has to go to Currys/PCWorld surely.

  Forum Editor 07:07 16 Dec 2014

Unfortunately threads of this nature are inevitably a problem. For one thing they attract spammers, and for another they fill up with personal opinionss that are based on individual experiences. That's fine as far as recommendations go, but when it comes to awarding wooden spoons it can reflect unfairly on individual suppliers.

Giving the thumbs down to a supplier, simply because you may have had a bad experience is not necessarily a reflection of the service that it might give in general.

For those reasons I'm afraid I am reluctantly going to close your thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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