Gold Soveriegns & Kruggerand worth what?

  prince midas 13:37 02 Sep 2009

I have a 1974 Kruggerand and 3 Sovereigns dated
1898, 1895 and 1900 what will they be worth appoximatly now.

  dagnammit 13:53 02 Sep 2009

Probably more for the scrap gold. I sold a 1982 half sovereign a little while ago for £60, when I only paid £25 or so on ebay a few years earlier.

  Chris the Ancient 13:56 02 Sep 2009

Put "value of sovereigns" as a search in google. Loads of links.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:05 02 Sep 2009

Sovs have 7.3gms of gold and Kruggerrands have 31 grams. Check the scrap gold buying prices but about £1000 on a good day for the 4.


  Quickbeam 14:20 02 Sep 2009

On those dates, they will be worth more to keep. There are thousands of QE11 Sov's that have been weighed in for scrap, that makes the ones that survive more valuable in years to come, especially if you make complete sets of half, full & two pound Sov's for a year, or a whole decade. I've got some Victorian sets that I will save for when I retire in about 197 years.

  Wilham 18:03 02 Sep 2009

Gold coins that are currency used to be exempt, but the UK gov. imposed full VAT, which hit the market for private investors. A dealer has to add vat on resell figure plus that on his commission when he sells on.

Victorian coins are exempt (apart from vat on commission) and classed as antique. The condition is a factor in the price.

Private dealing runs the risk of dud coins.

  prince midas 10:47 03 Sep 2009

Thanks guys I find that about £1000 to £1200 appears to be the selling and buying price.
l will keep them a few more years.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 03 Sep 2009

Gold is at a high at the moment but can fall. The price of your coins will ONLY be influenced by the price of gold not their date.


  Forum Editor 19:03 03 Sep 2009

but there are far too many of them around, even of the early 'modern' variety. These were first minted in 1817, and if you get hold of specific Victorian 'young head' coins in very fine condition you'll certainly get more than just the gold content price when you sell. A specific coin from 1853 for example, might fetch over £300.

Like so many fields, sovereign collecting is a world unto itself, and you need to know what you're doing to make any real money.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:52 03 Sep 2009

..bit of clarification...I was refering to the dates of the coins held (esp. the Kruggerrand) not ones from James I etc ;-)


  Forum Editor 23:05 03 Sep 2009

works wonders. Now I understand, and I agree.

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