Going on your Holidays

  skidzy 14:02 11 Jul 2008

Hello all,got a bit of research for you Lol

Ok,as we all know the costs of holidays are starting to spiral out of control and some are charging ridiculous prices.
Some of this can be blamed on the fuel scenerio but come on,are the tour operators jumping on the band wagon.

What im looking for and from your own experiences please,is your favourite online company you have/would book your holiday through.

We had a fantastic time last year at the Delfin Azul hotel in Alculdia Majorca and ideally would love to go back there next month.However the cost this year is up by around £200 per person.

Now im not a penny pincher by any means,but i do like a bargain if possible and it will be during the school holidays.

Your thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated please.

Thankyou for looking.

  ventanas 14:25 11 Jul 2008

This has been on the cards for a while in my opinion. The industry has been suffering from overcapcity for years, just look at all the cheap deals on teletext. Tour operators are not going to make much profit with those.
We have actually given up going abroad due to a continual fall in standards. Last year we went to Mallorca three times, once in a five star hotel and twice in four star accomodation. The treatment we received got poorer and poorer with each successive trip, and these were Thomson Al la Carte holidays. Finally we had had enough and if we do go back it will be without the services of a tour operator.
Cost has never been an issue, what is important to us is quality and position, and well away from anything "all inclusive," which seems to be what most folk want nowadays, for reasons known only to them.

  GRIDD 14:27 11 Jul 2008

Stay in the UK.

  Chris the Ancient 14:46 11 Jul 2008

Personally, I've usually been one of those that goes round peering into travel agents' windows looking at the short order deals. You know, the ones where you have to go in 2-3 days time. And I've even found them during the school holidays. The savings are usually massive because the agents would rather make a few quid than no quid.

I've only been disappointed once with the destination/hotel - and that was in Menorca several years ago. However, a meaningful discussion with the on-site rep got us changed to somewhere different.

Also, a little dodge I picked up... Most high street travel agents have a 'special' book, under the counter, with descriptions of what the place is _really_ like. From that they interpret such things a 'lively night-life' as 'full of drunken yobs' and 'quiet and peaceful' as meaning full of old fogeys. The agent at the desk will not usually admit to the book existing; but just let them know that you have used it many times before in choosing a destination. And if they aren't willing to help, another agency will be.


  skidzy 15:01 11 Jul 2008


Thankyou for your input.
Funny enough,we have looked into going direct to the hotel and arrange the flights and transfers separately but this worked out no cheaper,and thats flying with EasyJet.
The Hotel is a standard 3 star but is clean with decent service and we are happy enough there.

As we like Alculdia,ideally like to go there again.

Chris the Ancient

Thankyou also.
Yes we are currently looking in shop windows and yes some savings but we will see nearer the time.I do have a couple of travel rep contacts that may help out if needed.
Bearing in mind the credit crunch,i can foresee a lot of windows full during the school summer holidays where some have had to cancel.

GRIDD.....Thanks for nothing !!

  Bingalau 16:32 11 Jul 2008

skidzy. I will be a bit more specific than GRIDD, .. Try Blackpool.

  sunny staines 16:45 11 Jul 2008

"stay in the uk"

a few years ago stayed at the imperial hotel a fantastic hotel[was] in torquay. Just been back for a couple of nights the hotel in a state of neglect a big disappointment, also visited a another the "palace" [was 5 star]in paignton 28 years ago we stayed there in sheer luxury. now a poor 3 star if that.

UK tourist hotels are in a serious state of decline and penny pinching.

  oresome 16:47 11 Jul 2008

"...........and well away from anything "all inclusive," which seems to be what most folk want nowadays, for reasons known only to them."

Perhaps it's not what they want, rather what they can afford.

  Quickbeam 16:50 11 Jul 2008

In this weather!

Actually I mostly do... I like this country despite all our moans about what's wrong with it:)

  skidzy 17:01 11 Jul 2008

"Perhaps it's not what they want, rather what they can afford".

Very good point.For example all inclusive with children does work out a lot better in the pocket.

Two summers ago we went to Lara Beach Antalya Turkey,this was all inclusive and at five star was worth every penny.I would recommend that hotel to anyone but going five star is not affordable for everyone.

Holidaying in the uk just does not appeal to me or the family,though we do have a week booked at Centre Parcs in October.

Thankyou for the replies everyone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 11 Jul 2008

"Stay in the UK."
In this weather!

returned home yesterday, a couple of days early, from a hoiday in Wales.

The log cabin was beautiful, miles from anyway, water and electricity came from the adjacent stream - which unfortunately turned into a raging torrent and we were flooded out.

My own fault really - should have known better than to book a holiday while Wimbledon was on.

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