Is this going a step to far..

  spuds 17:12 07 Oct 2015

Having just read this article, made me think if this was a step to far, and perhaps more so, if this is going to be the way forward in the future "Daventry District Council in Northamptonshire said owners should have to prove how they would clean up after their dogs to cut down on the problem of fouling."

Yes I am all for educating the minority of irresponsible animal owners, but having to prove is perhaps another thing!

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  Forum Editor 17:50 07 Oct 2015

Never mind a step too far, it's a country mile too far.

Policies like this demonstrate just how unsuitable for office some public servants are. I'm the first person to agree that dog faeces in public places are a disgrace, but a Stasi attitude is not the way to get dog owners to behave responsibly.

  bumpkin 19:33 07 Oct 2015

Ridiculous idea. Fining people who do not clear up I agree with but for not carrying a bag is absurd. What next regulations about the number and types of bag that conform. Completely agree with FE on this.

  bumpkin 19:37 07 Oct 2015

Why not also make those that want to go clubbing carry a sick bag.

  spuds 19:52 07 Oct 2015

"Yes I am all for educating the minority of irresponsible animal owners,"

Like people who take out their dogs in the very late evening or early morning. Let the dog off the lead, with not a care what the dog is doing.

But will those with enforcement powers, be on the streets at those times to challenge a possible offender.

If like in my location, then the answer will be no. And the council would expect a member of the public to either challenge or do some whistle-blowing.

  oresome 20:40 07 Oct 2015

I took a step to far onto a grass verge last week to allow a lady with a pram to pass by.

You know the rest.

  Forum Editor 22:18 07 Oct 2015


The people of Daventry elected them, so perhaps it explains something.

  kad292 00:12 08 Oct 2015

"(w)hy not also make those that want to go clubbing carry a sick bag",why not indeed,as a night bus driver i am tired of explaining to irate passengers that we are not allowed to continue after someone has vomited all over the bus.

  spuds 09:21 08 Oct 2015


And that is possibly why some of us think "what funny laws we have", when comparing one thing with a similar other.

But I suppose the amount of tax the government gain from drink, and council's from licence fees, a blind eye has to be turned now and again. And this doesn't include the cost of medical attention, when things get out of hands, as they so often do.

  hastelloy 10:31 08 Oct 2015

Does the fact that they are carrying a bag mean that they would use it?

  kad292 10:43 08 Oct 2015


Too true, i see it as personal responsibility v public finance.Mr & Mrs Joe Public wish to have a pet then that is fine but understand that they are responsible for it,if it soils their living room they would not expect someone else to come in and clean it for them.

Public spaces are for the general public, i see no reason why their selfishness should be given precedent over public safety or health,too often dog poo is ignored ,especially by younger owners or carers so if this focuses their attention so be it.

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