Going Green.... HA!

  Seth Haniel 13:15 29 Jun 2010

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you'll have to be vegetarian or Savage

Residents on the Isle of Eigg have been trying to use household appliances less after a lack of rain affected its hydro power schemes.

  Legolas 13:45 29 Jun 2010

I was on the Isle of Muck, which is very close to Eigg, last year about this time and the weather was fantastic. I was told that the year before (2008) they did not have any significant rain for six weeks and the wells that supply the island were almost dry, they were just beginning to make plans to bring water from the mainland when the weather broke and they had enough rain to see them through. One of the contestants on Castaway had made his home on Muck and had build a house and put turf on the roof just as the drought started, I was speaking to him while there and he said it rained just in time for him or he would have lost his turfed roof. Not often you lose a roof to drought.

  ronalddonald 20:58 29 Jun 2010

You could paint yourself green then everyone think your green

  the hick 22:51 29 Jun 2010

I perhaps should not say this, but would it not be 'greener' all round if these folks moved to the mainland? However, I understand that if their ancestors lived there, then so should they. Does not appeal to me much, though.

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