go Marmite Marmite

  ronalddonald 12:04 24 Apr 2010

click here

Sue them from evrey penny they have!

  Pine Man 13:04 24 Apr 2010

Can't see that the publicity will harm the Marmite brand.

I won't vote BNP but I'll still eat Marmite - occasionally!

  BRYNIT 13:50 24 Apr 2010

I wander if they got the idea from click here

  sunnystaines 14:07 24 Apr 2010

big marmite fan, excellent with peanut butter.

as for BNP they are a waste of space.

  rdave13 17:12 24 Apr 2010

You cannot be serious! I'm one that lurves Marmite as to opposed to the haters. I also lurve Peanut Butter but the thought of mixing them, on one, and the same, sandwich tends to churn the stomach a bit...

  Forum Editor 17:28 24 Apr 2010

will harm the Marmite brand."

Marmite doesn't need the publicity, and certainly not publicity associated with the BNP. The whole affair demonstrates the amateurish fashion in which this party operates - thank God it will never be in a position of real power.

  Forum Editor 17:29 24 Apr 2010

It's delicious when combined with peanut butter on toast. The trick is in getting just the right amounts of each.

  sunnystaines 17:40 24 Apr 2010

click here

Any marmite fans tried it, I found the flavour richer but also it seemed very salty, gone back to normal marmite.

  rdave13 18:20 24 Apr 2010

I've never tried the combination. Delicious? Hmm, another hill to climb. Another of life's tests to over come. Will I try it or will I have no stomach to .. err..stomach it?
Serious thoughts about this. Will have to take time to ponder the seriousness of this challenge.
Any tips about the percentages or ratio of Marmite/Peanut Butter per slice of toast (must be a hot slice of toast I imagine?)?

  sunnystaines 18:54 24 Apr 2010

I do not put butter on the toast, add marmite onto the toast spread as you would in a sandwich then add peanutbutter again as normal [i use salt free peanut butter] over the top.

if using sandwiches and not toast put thin slices of vine ripe tomatoes in the middle to enhance the flavour also the vitamin C in the tomato will help you absorb the rich iron in the marmite.

if unsure pinch your nose as you eat it

  rdave13 19:03 24 Apr 2010

Thanks for advice. Playing with nature here; I think.
Marmite is a force of its own so I will tread carefully.
"if unsure pinch your nose as you eat it", I,m braver than that......I think?

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