Go on, count em' every last bit.

  JonnyTub 23:25 08 Feb 2005

I'd be interested to hear just how many bits of hardware you have sitting on that desk. For as long as i've been computing the mound just seems to get bigger and bigger despite technology getting smaller.

At present there's a server case, tft, kb and mouse, 2.1 speaker system, 5.1 speaker system, 2 dvd players, 1 vcr, all in one printer, ps2, crt monitor, laptop and external cd-rw and a whole host of spare parts. All within the vicinity of my my desk.

I'm not interested in specs, i'm curious to know if your mound of 'tekky stuff' is similar to mine, therefore making me normal :-)

I can't help but hoard all this stuff, if i emptied my hallway cupboard of all it's bits i'd be able to build two pc's from it all.

I guess what I'm getting at is...

are you like me ?

Or do i stand here solitary, all alone in my hoarding?

  stalion 23:32 08 Feb 2005

very similar here I bought a desk so that I had enough room for everything

  JonnyTub 23:35 08 Feb 2005

Yep stalion, i had to have one made (DAD TO THE RESCUE) it measures 3m wide by lm deep, and a load of shelving underneath just to get everything on, i find myself keeping bits n bobs for that 'just in case' moment.

  stalion 23:38 08 Feb 2005

just got room for the kitchen sink on mine then will have to get a larger one current measure ment is almost identical to yours.What good are shop built computer desks these days

  JonnyTub 23:59 08 Feb 2005

shop built one's... i.e. flat pack chipboard one's, not much good at all.

"very similar here"

Thank god someone else has an overflow of gadgets as well, i thought i was on technology steroids for a while there :-)

  Kate B 00:00 09 Feb 2005

on my desk: 2 Harmon Kardon soundsticks, HK subwoofer, 17" monitor, Maxtor external HDD, iBook (closed), cable snaking to iBook, cradle for iPaq, keyboard, 2 mice, firewire cable for iPod, cable for the other PDA (an old Clie), ethernet bridge, usb hub, card reader, pile of paper, couple of gaming guides, the phone, pot containing biros, pot containing odd bits of wire and connectors and one cat.

Under my desk: umpteen wires plugged into 10 wall sockets and 2 gangs, the tower unit, a scanner, the answering machine, the fax, the printer.

Cat is the final straw - I think I need a bigger desk ...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:02 09 Feb 2005

Bet you are missing a CDRW power cable ;-)) Cheers!


  JonnyTub 00:09 09 Feb 2005

ahh, the beautiful Kate B (as per appearance on (ihatemykids.co.uk) you would appear to have more periphials than montgomery burns and myself, i'm glad to see i', not unusual in my habit of periphialism (such a word?). I wonder, does FE have a vast collection? Not including the cupboard at PCA towers ?

  JonnyTub 00:13 09 Feb 2005

Lol, G...

There's a few more offers on the way for you...

I like to see my spare odd's n ends going to use, especially if it's getting people computing who woulldn't normally be.

I'm gonna put a list together shortly of my 'spare bits' and you'll have first choice.

Regards JT

  Kate B 00:28 09 Feb 2005

*blushes* JonnyTub, you smoothiechops, you ... if you're really interested I'm on TV on Friday night ..

meantime, I haven't included the pile of stuff under the telly: silver PS2, 2 silver analogue controllers, elderly VCR, combo JVC DVD player/HDD recorder and a Sony digibox. Oh, and five remote controls and last week's Saturday Telegraph TV guide magazine. Dunno what happened to the current one.

  Dan the Confused 00:42 09 Feb 2005

Just to diverse slightly, what's the oldest 'computery bit' anyone has? My mouse mat is about 13 years old now. I love my mouse mat. Does anyone else have a mouse mat as old as mine?

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