Gmail space for online backup

  User-1220534 01:01 07 May 2008


some of may have heard of a new ad don to Firefox called Gspace which allows you to utilize the available space on gmail (about 2GB)for safe online backup to files and folders.

This is beneficial to many people but what i really want to know is, does Google allow this or not. After some research i could not find an answer but some say that it might get banned by Google. Also, if it does get banned by Google, do you think Google will delete the email account of those who did this.

Your views and advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you

  octal 06:26 07 May 2008

I can't see anything wrong with doing that, it's just like sending yourself an email and leaving it on the email server.

  interzone55 09:56 07 May 2008

This is not officially supported by Google, there have been reports that Google have deleted accounts of people doing this as some users have set up multiple accounts to upload hundreds of gigabytes of files.

The question is, is it worth using a free backup solution that is in danger of being deleted when there are cheap, safe, online backup services available...

  User-1220534 20:44 07 May 2008

thank you both for your reply.

and i guess you right "alan14", this is not a good BACKUP if its in danger of deletion.

but what if we use our existing account for this purpose and i mean only one account. It shouldnt be much of a problem to Google, but we cant know for sure because we cant really email Google now can we.

  interzone55 20:59 07 May 2008

I suppose you could try to use an existing gmail account, but is it worth the hassle of splitting your backup into 20mb chunks and uploading them all to your gmail account when there's services like Carbonite's online backup around click here|979887793&gclid=CPPE95WWlZMCFQT-1Aod4zVigQ

It's $49.95 (<£25) a year for unlimited storage...

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