Ade_1 18:35 03 Mar 2006

Is anyone one else with a gmail account getting a load of junk in their spam folder, i know that myself and a friend or 2 are. Juyst wondered if it was just me or other peolpe are having trouble. Jsut to add, i dont give my gmail e-mail to anything if im signing up, only if it is somethign i know is trustworthy and obviously i make sure no 3rd party stuff is sent. But i am getting alot of spam and its starting to get anoying... If anyone else is having these problem would be great if you could tell me so i know im not the only one...

  Ade_1 19:30 03 Mar 2006

thansk for that p;3 gives me a fair bit of info.

  amonra 19:52 03 Mar 2006

I have a GMail account, no problems. Yes there's a pile of spam in the junk folder but their filter seems to remove it so that it doesn't appear in the inbox. I am pretty careful with who gets to see my EM addresses but the spammers seem to latch on somehow. If you try to analyse the spam ID's you'll see they follow a pattern, AB BC CD DE names, with the same product in the message.

  Ade_1 19:55 03 Mar 2006

all the messages are from strange e-mail address and have been translateedd as they make no real sense whatsoever. Maybe i will just have to accept it. I can alwys have other address i suppose :), well if i get completely sick of it.

  Forum Editor 22:40 03 Mar 2006

who have avoided Gmail as if it was the plague, because we suspected that free lunches had not suddenly become the thing. I'm always surprised when I hear that some people have so many different email accounts - I have never had more than two; my own business address and the one that the magazine provides for me. Neither of them seems to collect much spam.

  Forum Editor 08:37 04 Mar 2006

Bad news spreads fast.

  Ade_1 09:53 04 Mar 2006

I think its time for me to get another e-mail and get away from gmail.

  anskyber 10:30 04 Mar 2006

Then there is always things like this. click here

  Ade_1 17:47 07 Mar 2006

im the same arris got absolutely loads now :(

  [DELETED] 15:51 12 Mar 2006

I *did have a Gmail account, now use my own domain email. I would always be careful to give out my gmail address to trusted people. What I noticed which was rather disturbing was that you would get spam in your gmail spam folder even if is not addressed to you. OK, for example, my username would be [email protected]. In my case I would receive spam in the name of joebloggs and also close matches, i.e. jodbloggs or joibloggs or even jotbloggs. I emailed Gmail asking why I was supposedly getting someone else's junk email? No reply - that was 3 months ago. Then I was getting junk mail addressed to my brother into my Gmail (and he had no knowledge of this, nor did he forward this junk mail?!).
Gandalf sums it up very well - its a free service - but it is supported by advertising, all part of the package.

  [DELETED] 14:33 31 May 2006

I don't think joebloggs will complain, he (or she?!) has a 2.7Gb mailbox :-) Should take a long long time to fill that up!

Arris, I did use the notifier, its a nice little feature, and if you have Firefox, it sits in the status bar at bottom of the page. Theres also the option to include Gmail in the Google toolbar (not sure if it works in IE?)

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