GM and Segway create new vehicle

  peter99co 21:27 07 Apr 2009

click here

Any takers for this one?

  Charence 22:54 07 Apr 2009

Apart from demonstrating that it can be done, I have yet to see the point of this. If you look at the price of current Segways, it most likely won't be that cheap either..

Perhaps it is a good alternative to a G-Wizz? At least it would like 'cooler' on two wheels...

  Charence 22:55 07 Apr 2009

replace with look please :P

  wee eddie 23:02 07 Apr 2009

What happens if one wheel hits a pothole?

  peter99co 23:04 07 Apr 2009

That is reserved for quick reverses!

  Belatucadrus 15:36 08 Apr 2009

At last a vehicle that makes the Sinclair C5 look advanced, and cool in one catastrophic swoop.

  Grey Goo 20:06 08 Apr 2009

Like a Rickshaw without Rick

  Grey Goo 20:11 08 Apr 2009

Just imagine thousands of these on the streets. Be like watching the rubber penguins all trying for the same gap in "Jeux Sans Frontiers"

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