Globally - What %age Dial Up vs Broadband

  Liteman 07:37 27 Aug 2011

What percentage of internet users, globally, are still using dial up compared with broadband

  Forum Editor 08:45 27 Aug 2011

I don't have global figures, but 55% of all Americans have broadband access and 10% use a dial-up connection.

In the UK 73% of all homes have internet access (83% in London, 52% in the North East). Every day, some 30 million people in the UK access the internet.

I don't know what percentage of the total use a dial-up connection.

  wiz-king 08:55 27 Aug 2011

I dont know but it creates a divide, those on dial-up are restricted in the way that they can use the internet. Not many sites give you the option of a 'slow' version of their content.

  Forum Editor 08:57 27 Aug 2011


Broadband is available to 82% of all homes in the UK.

  Liteman 08:59 27 Aug 2011

There is a solid reason why I ask this question. In my hobby of photography I receive an awful lot of invitations to enter international photo contests and these are usually accompanied by attached documents containing the rules of the competition and an entry form. The size of these attachments can vary from less than 100KB to over 10MB. Maybe its turned into a one man crusade, but I really do think that these organisations ought to realise that there are a lot of people out there who still do not have broadband and that large attachments cost money as well as time to download. If I can go back to some of these thoughtless organisations with some figures then maybe they will change. A typical example came in this morning, 5 Word documents attached totalling over 1MB which when I changed them into pdf files, even with fillable form fields came to less than 150KB and took less than 10 minutes to do. I'm probably fighting a losing battle but I will have a go!

  Forum Editor 09:25 27 Aug 2011

"If I can go back to some of these thoughtless organisations with some figures then maybe they will change."

Although there are still plenty of people who don't have broadband access, the vast majority do. You may be fighting a losing battle, but until you try you'll never know.

  Aitchbee 09:29 27 Aug 2011

I have dial-up and also mobile broadband.I use Onspeed with both connections.(A software speed-up program.)I can choose to use one, or the other, on either of my two computers, or both at once!

  interzone55 10:11 27 Aug 2011

I do find that many companies assume everyone now has fast internet access.

Many of my customers send tender documents in, and instead of sending the original document in PDF or Doc format, they often print the document out, then scan the relevant pages and send them as jpegs, so a 150kb pdf file becomes 5 jpegs of around 500kb each.

I have no idea why they do this, but it's really annoying because we only have 90mb email inboxes at work, and it soon fills up.

On a side note, we still sell 56kbit modems, because many managed intruder alarms use them for signalling to alarm receiving centres

  Crosstrainer2 10:27 27 Aug 2011

FE: 82% may indeed have access to some form of BB, but anything under true 10MB with today's large file downloads and updates etc. can't really be described as "The real thing"!

I know....Here I sit now with super-fast fibre optic bandwidth, but it's a recent addition to the close! I can't see what can realistically be done with 56k really....(although we all did it once) BT will increase prices, but I doubt that they will cable every lane in the UK (sadly)

It would take legislation or HMG subsidy to "Force" ISP's to put in infrastructure that works. A close friend runs a large specialist company supplying fast connections to the American armed forces. but the main contender is VM I guess.

I'm fortunate enough to have rid myself completley of BT as telephony is handled by another well known service provider.

I was surprised about the state of infrastructure in the United States......I guess I thought they were all blessed with super-fast FO services.

  Quickbeam 10:39 27 Aug 2011

Hmmmm, is that why some PCA members seem think you have the FE's ear?

Rule 1. fourm member is always right...;)

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